Esseks – ‘Boss Lair’ | Deadbeats Release [Track Write-Up] New Single From Forthcoming Album

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Written by: Brandon Rafferty

Esseks delivers yet another monster tune with his recent single “Boss Lair“. The intro has some nice room ambient styled sounds before we are slowly brought into a groovy bassline with some killer drum work to create a unique intro you don’t hear every day in modern EDM. Instantly had me sucked in and ready to see where the tune was going. This flow also gives me flashbacks to around 2012 when artists like Xilent were making groovy bass lines such as this. The track even has an old-school dub build that leads into a drop that sounds like it should be made by LAXX and Must Die! Im all for hearing old-school influences in tracks.

The drop is simple yet beefy. It comes in with those super high-pitched screech basses that’ll shred through your tweeters.  The rhythm of the track will have your body swaying back and forth, as it’s a tune that is heavily driven off of its rhythm elements. Given that it is heavily focusing on making you move, this track is sure to be heard on dancefloors and house parties alike, so if you are a Dj, add this to your cue.

As the drop continues, other bass elements are introduced and I really enjoy these. They have a nice mid-range rumble to them that is easy on the ears and a nice break from the previous high-end sounds. Around the 2 minute mark, the drop has a nice little switch up that gives the song a more aggressive and low-end focused section, accompanied by random sound effects that really set this tone in its own space. Throughout this section, there are some serious wonky fills that show off the depths of Esseks production abilities. This entire song seems to be constantly building tension, as it gets busier and more chaotic all the way through until the end, and quite honestly, I dig it. After listening to it, I feel as if I understand why it’s called “Boss Lair”, as it is relentless like a video game boss. 

Boss Lair ” at first seems like a generic riddim/dubstep track, but it has so many things going for it that it just simply can’t be shoved into that category. When the drop hits, it makes dancefloors want to erupt into the weirdest body movements you have ever seen, but then it gives you a nice and heavy switch-up that will help keep the show flowing and provide something for people who want the aggression. The sound design and mixdown of this track are also top-notch. Esseks is a name you should have on your radar, as this man is taking it to the next level with these latest releases!

More Esseks. Find it here! Thank us later.

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