Kleøpatra – ‘All I Want’ [Track Write-Up] NEW BASS TUNE

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Written by: Brandon Rafferty

Kleøpatra Sets Out To Destroy With Her New Dubstep Rager – ‘All I Want’ OUT NOW

Utah-based dubstep producer and DJ named Kleøpatra has been blazing a path of destruction since 2018 with her ever-growing portfolio in the bass music scene. With massive releases on labels such as Subsidia and performing massive festivals like Bass Canyon (arguably one of the bigger and more respected U.S. festivals), Kleøpatra seems to be a force to be reckoned with. Her heavy infused bass and blend of old-school wubs brings a nice and refreshing sound that reminds me of the reasons I found and love bass music like I do today. Her latest release “All I Want” is no different, so sit back and enjoy the ride. 

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Kleøpatra’s self-release “All I Want” begins with a filtered vocal sample that simply states “All I Want Is You”, setting the theme and tone of the song. Quickly arriving at the first build, your breath is taken away as you are suffocated in noise that fills you with that much-craved anxiety us dubstep fans embrace and love, ending with one last vocal hit before the drop. 

‘All I Want Is You’

Just as you are able to take a quick breath, the drop smashes through your speakers, being reminded that no one is safe when Kleøpatra takes the stage. Aggressive mid-range growls accompanied by screeching high-pitched synths, this drop brings the high-paced energy we love and respect from her craft. This track is hard to not move your head to, it just rails and has no give. One element I would like to specifically point out is the snare used. No matter the device I listened on, it always shined through and stuck out, and I personally loved that. The tune slowly is brought back to a similar section we heard in the intro, and we arrive at my favorite section of the song, the second drop. 

To be blunt, zero fucks are given as this second drop rolls in. That signature mid range growl makes a return, but this time it is joined by a sound so nasty, I will humbly refer to it as the “static bass”.  This drop kicks up the aggression with this new sound and womps so heavy that only an elephant could recreate it. The pacing and aggression throughout is next level and I can personally see this drop being played out live by the heaviest dubstep DJ’s this summer. “All I Want” is sure to have audiences clenching the rail and breaking their necks as the soundtrack to an alien invasion runs through their bones. 

Kleøpatra reminds us of why she is rightfully rising amongst the ranks of the heavy bass scene with her self-release “All I Want”. Earning support from artists such as Excision and Blaqout, she never disappoints with delivering a unique take on Heavy dubstep bangers. At the start of my first listen, I expected the tune to be a melodic track. Man, was I wrong! I was not prepared for the thrill ride “All I Want” takes you on, and I am ready to see what Kleøpatra brings next! 


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