BASSGAZM – ‘All I Do Is Dubstep’ | Get Heavy Records Release [Track Write-Up]

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BASSGAZM Unleashes His Newest Dubstep Banger With Get Heavy Records Titled ‘All I Do Is Dubstep’

[Southern California-based] dubstep producer BASSGAZM gives us his tell-all in what he does all day! If you couldn’t tell, it’s DUBSTEP! With his newest release out exclusively on Get Heavy Records, titled ‘All I Do Is Dubstep‘, we get a better idea on just exactly what it means when all you do is… dubstep.

Wake up, get ready, pour some coffee; then immediately thereafter, we can only assume BASSGAZM hits the studio and gets right to work. The surefire signs of a passionate, determined, and all-around obsessed producer. When these elements are work, only the utmost fine results can be achieved. ‘All I Do Is Dubstep‘ is a superb example of mastery and skillfulness in action.

Carrying through is this deepened voice that breaks entry with the breakdown each time. Completely fortified by hard hits, high frequency drops, and a gargantuanly dope drumline. It’s has all the bells and whistles for a screamer at a show.

Keep your ears locked and your eyes loaded for BASSGAZM. His recent appearance on our blog was with Code: Lockdown and Brainsick Records‘ livestreamed event ‘Bloodline where he set the performance ablaze with his maniacal makeup of tunes. Keep this gent close, keep him at bay, and definitely keep his tunes on your next listening session with ‘All I Do Is Dubstep’ out now everywhere via Get Heavy Records.

photo of: BASSGAZM

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