TRUNKZ – ‘Let Loose’ | Bass Capital Records Release [Track Write-Up] NEW DUBSTEP HEATER

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TRUNKZ Takes Us On A Wild Adventure With His Newest Release ‘Let Loose’

By: Garth Jones


You have got to love the tracks that not only get you going, are highly-detailed, and leave you in a neck-brace; but the when you can find a track that has those three and tell a story is rare. That is precisely what we have here. A true storyline of a track backed by bone-crushing bass, riveting drops, and some fancy footwork from TRUNKZ in the structure of ‘Let Loose‘.

photo by: Jaybird Photography

Out on Bass Capital Records, ‘Let Loose‘ starts off with a set of keys supplementing by a swivel to bring you into the introductory build for the initial drop. A bassline ensues with a barrage of claps and a signature exhale from an elephant’s trunk to remind you who is at play here. And then…

…System Malfunction – Initiating System Protocol…

“We Have An Asset Out Of Containment”

The drops is immensely heavy and articulate as it pulls you farther into the mind of TRUNKZ. Each and every facet of the track means business and bass. Stomping down on your chest, it hits again harder than the last.
Where it takes you on the second go-around is a place unlike any you can experience in this reality or dimension. An unprecedented take on bass music and even more so unreal as TRUNKZ takes the vocal sample ‘System Malfunction’, manipulates it, and reforms it replay over on each break intertwined with a heaping scoops of growls and basslines. WOW!


We HIGHLY recommend listening, reposting, and sharing this track (and article) with your closest bass head and watch their reaction. They’ll love it as much as we and you do! Follow the stream link below to find your favorite music platform and jam out!

>>[Stream HERE]<<

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