Sytrux + Identity Crisis – ‘CURB’ [Track Write-Up] – NEW DUBSTEP COLLAB –

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Sytrux and Identity Crisis bring a wild reiteration to bass music. All gas, no brakes!


[Ohio-based] lionhearted trap music producer (and SHLLSHCK artist) Sytrux teams up with the mysterious and dark Identity Crisis for an otherworldly approach to bass music. A full chuck and spin of hard punches with ultra-hyper claps. Each and every element to the this dubstep track asks you to brace for impact. Seriously grabbing your interest and attention, taking hold, and not letting go!

We don’t give a f**k

Immediately the orchestral intro stops you. A brief start of piano-esque notes that lead into a clap pattern being infiltrated by a soft and manipulated voice belting ‘Pull Up To The Curb Like’. This tracks definitely utilizes all your favorite types of bass and elements of trap to come together as one urban beatdown of bass. All the small snippets of sound usages, samples, and large drops are on point and come together as one cohesive unit.

Pull Up To The Curb Like

Hit replay for the full effect. Hit it again, just for fun.

While we know Sytrux primarily is in the trap/experimental genres so this is an extra delightful surprise when we see his creativity come to life. Not only does this heavy bass music collaboration remind us of his range but what other sort of new and captivating music he will send out next.

Identity Crisis, almost mysterious in appearance and in sound. The artist doesn’t have much of recent breadcrumb trail for me to say too much but this track assuredly paints a picture of what we can assume, and it’s phenomenal. You have my attention.

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