MDP Records – ‘TRANSCEND’ Featuring: OK. Kevin, RENN, Crimson Scar – AND MORE -[Compilation Album + Monsoon Season Premiere]

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[By: Garth Jones]

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MDP Records, being fresh on the scene has found their nestling niche in this bustling world of music, and it is dubstep and riddim, fortified by the full spectrum of sound in heavy to light. Their focus is on the authenticity, creativity, and originality in their selection of releases. All of immense quality, each representing their niche, and what they can bring to the table here at MDP Records. The seemingly endless pool of bass music has its fair share of talent and in this case, MDP has found some fire. For their second visit here in the Monsoon Season storm, we have ‘TRANSCEND‘.

MDP Records

The twenty-track compilation features amazing bass music from the likes of Misfit, OHNO, Brain Palace, OK. Kevin, Crimson Scar, JOCA, and so many more. The lineup is stacked with immense heat from all over the planet. With 20 tracks you will be able to find exactly what you’re looking for. From dark, aggressive, to heavy in addition to the layering of soft, melodic, and serene are all accounted for.



Crimson Scar comes in with the third track – ‘I’m Breaking‘, in his installation to the TRANSCEND Compilation. The track begins with a lacing of ‘whoas‘ under a higher pitch to then quickly evolve into its totality as the brutal bass track you are in thirst of.
Bursting into the build-ups with might, these drops come quick and have a major effect on the brain. A melting process ensues and your mind is taken back. Brace for impact with the hits in this dubstep demolisher.
Crimson Scar puts in the work on this track, undeniably a force to be reckoned with, and a true talent to the industry. Highly suggest listening upon release this May 21st!

Crimson Scar


OK. Kevin breaks himself into the compilation as the 11th track with his new release featuring Izzy Salinel titled ‘Hear Your Sound‘ on the TRANSCEND compilation album. What this track brings to the auditory senses right away is Izzy Salinel‘s intro ‘Voice So Clear taking it into a roulette of serenating elegance and grace. OK. Kevin takes it down with a deep bassline to shake the balance and put you in a daze. The experimental sound usage at play compliments to subtlety of Izzy Salinel‘s into a future bass gone wild second drop. This track takes one of cakes as a Monsoon Season favorite. Play it over and over again his May 21st on MDP Records.

OK. Kevin


RENN puts himself back on our radar with his track ‘Horizon’ featuring Robert Matlock. A truly imaginative and relatable track vocally and in sound. RENN takes his productions skills to new heights with this bass-forward creation with the stunning and authoritative vocal-environment of Robert Matlock.
Boasting a perfect balance of serenity and surrendering into the lyrics whilst conjoining to the beat and what RENN delivers with these explosive and tantalizing drops in and builds, the fusion is so on point in ‘Horizon‘ . A highlight track, undeniably; give it a listen on May 21st.



Misfit – Can’t Go Back Ft ChillPanic
Crimson Scar – I’m Breaking
Brain Palace – Ride Or Die
JOCA – Blowin Up
Arbityr X Aggro – Fragments
DEFEND – Artifact
Squirt Dubz – Metal Munch
RENN – Horizon (Featuring Ryan Matlock)
XHRIS – In a Gang
OK. Kevin – Hear Your Sound (featuring Izzy Salinel)
Kimati – Lose You
Keyone X Solare – Graveyard
5KiLOBYTE – Grimoi:Re
Rushkid – Dark Lord
Bones Noize – Love & Thunder
Relume – Aphoristic
Shards – Who We Are

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