MDP Records – Elixir Of Life Vol.1 [Compilation Write-Up]

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MDP Records – Elixir Of Life Vol.1

On a worldwide scale, a new, immerging, and futuristic label MDP Records has come to be, and they are thrilled to release their first compilation album titled ‘Elixir Of Life‘. This geared-up, armored, and truly unbeatable lineup of artists on the compilation is staggering and teeming with bass music of all kinds. So pull up a chair, grab some paper, be ready to sit back and take notes

In order on the compilation album is LOWKE, Joca, Ipsiom, Karyuu, Khamis, Thatonepheonix & Saev, DEAD, Vicegrip & Gliese, M1TTACHI, MVSTAKE, Kalatana, Blacksite, and Octobit. These all represent the first installation to the foundational volume. Spanning the (sub)genres of today’s utmost insane, brutal, and neck breaking alertness like dubstep, riddim, the crazy fixtures in between, and plenty more surprises where you can find harmony and headbanging from the full spectrum of sound.

[Listen to Elixir Of Life Vol. 1]


  • LOWKE – Losing You
  • Joca – Robo Riddim
  • Ipsiom – Bramble Gardens
  • Karyuu – Yum Hurt
  • Khamis – Hammer Drill
  • Thatonepheonix & Saev – Heavy Strike
  • DEAD – Titan
  • Vicegrip & Gliese – Battery
  • M1TTACHI – Deluxe
  • MVSTAKE – Like A Bust
  • Kalatana – Don’t Leave
  • Blacksite – Hyperspace
  • Octobit – Light It Up


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