Short Cirkuitz: CIRKUITBREAKER Chap 2: Control System [EP Write-Up + Interview]

Short Cirkuitz‘s NEW EP – ‘CirKuitBreaker Chap 2: Control System‘ Hits Digital Shelves – Team Writer, CURATOR Breaks It Down + Asks 8 Questions of Short Cirkuitz in Our Exclusive Interview

EDM Weather Reporter: CURATOR Presents

Short Cirkuitz

In this edition of Curator Coverage, we have something slightly different for you. In this write-up, I had the honor of making contact with a being for a brief moment in time who claims things are not safe and he knows more than we do about what’s to come. This discreet entity is often referred to as “Short Cirkuitz”.

First, we will dive into the interview section before leading into the EP coverage.

Interview w/
Short Cirkuitz


Q1: Let’s start off simple. What are you willing to let the people know about you? We know you like to keep things discreet but there must be something you can share.

A1: I am Short Cirkuitz, I have been making music for 8 years. This project may or may not be my only music project. I am 23 years old and I live in the United States of America


Q2: Give us a summary of the lore thus far and through this second album. What kind of takeover have you managed to set into place?

A2: I can not say much about the lore. If you look hard enough you will find it. We are not hiding it, the information is there you just need to open your eyes and look. Any and all takeover details are classified until the time comes when they are not. All I can say is do not trust xSquared Labs, their advancements are a lie.


Q3: How would you explain the style of music you produce and how would you say that correlates with your storytelling methods? 

A3: I make what I like to call Industrial-cyberpunk midtempo and dubstep. A mix of grunge, and industrial rock with cyberpunk and glitch elements.


Q4: Why is everything so cryptic?

A4: It’s better that those details not be revealed.


Q5: We see you recently showcased a new mask! Care to delve into details about this process? It looks complicated.

A5: It was a very long 5-year process involving multiple builders and multiple designs and building methods to end up where we are now. It’s what the team and I like to call the “Advanced Era”. There will be more to come and we have so much more planned.


Q6: What are your major influences for this project? Music-related and none. Let’s dive deep.

A6: Some of my major influences are Daft Punk, Deadmau5, Worlds Era Porter Robinson, Madeon, Deadbeats, Black Tiger Sex Machine and the wonderful team at Kannibalen Records, and everyone over at the Deathpact project – they are great people and have influenced this newer era of Short Cirkuitz a lot so as an anonymous DJ and producer I personally would like to thank them for their innovation.


Q7: What advice would you give to people out there interested in building up the lore of their own personal brands?

A7: 1. It’s OK to take inspiration from others who came before you. Innovation is birthed from inspiration.
2. Put a bit of yourself into it. I do not mean passion, of course, that is important but I mean put a bit of you as a person, your character and personality into it. It will allow what you’re creating to be much more relatable.
3. Be passionate about it. If you do not like what you’re creating then why would/should anyone else? That is the most important thing when it comes to creating anything.


Q8: We know you are currently rolling out a release, but, do you already know where your adventure will take you next ? or are you going to let this one run its course before you move on?

A8: Honestly… I nor the team have any idea where this could go. We have predictions but of course, those can change in a split second. We have to be ready to adapt but the hope is that we are able to play live more, collaborate more, and create more. We just want to make music that makes us happy and share it with the world.

This EP’s first track “PARALYSIS” starts off with atmospheric rain, accompanied by a spooky robotic voice in the distance. A guitar seems to fade in from the back before we switch it up. Next up you have a dance pattern that will open up any dancefloor in a live setting. The mixdown I notice is super clean on this track too. As the track progresses we are introduced to more dark and dubstep-like growls and basses, all while the kick and snare rail through your spine. The bass pattern becomes faster and more rapid as the track reaches a close, leaving you with an overwhelming sense of anxiety as it abruptly ends. 

Next up, we have “SIMULATION”. This track begins with a guitar-sounding synth that resembles heavy doom inspirations. The instant kick and snare pattern is enough to instantly get your body moving back and forth as you anticipate what comes next. As this track builds, we are sent radio interference to give us a sense of disorientation, i very interesting choice of sound design, and very unique. I love it. The 2nd drop repeats the first but this time it seems to have a sense of suspense along with it. This track is definitely a track that would be received well in a live setting. 

Last but not least, we have “XENITH” which begins with radio interference. As you listen and try to decipher some kind of message, that track sends you into an alarm, alone and in space it feels. The drop Following is super deep, dark, and gnarly. It resembles sounds you would hear from 2008 Dubstep and everyone knows I personally love this era of Dub. The sense of being lost in space while these sounds proceed and radio sounds appear randomly is a great track to end the ep while also appropriately setting the overall tone and atmosphere of the EP. 

Overall, this EP I would describe this as spooky and experimental. The mixdowns and masters are great, and the sound design is next level. It is an interesting yet unique take on modern EDM music and I’m all for the experimentation. Most importantly though the world-building this brand and team have managed to pull off is insanely admirable and inspirational. I look forward to seeing what happens next not only musically, but world-building-wise as well. 


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