XEN10 – Stuck: BLAQ VOID Release [Track Write-Up]

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[Salt Lake City-based] promotional brand, part alien mecca, and party-phenomenon known as BLAQ VOID has a new release in their ever-growing repertoire of music from the debut track by XEN10 titled ‘Stuck‘. This fresh release is filled with captivating soundscapes, eerie elements, and a mean dose of upbeat trap-like beats. Let’s get familiar!

This melodically driven hybridized trap release is the first installation into the multi-chaptered storyline that XEN10 offers. The trio is made up from LENIX-IX from Utah, Xavier from Michigan, and Solara Wild hailing from our friendly neighborhood to the north, Canada. This three-piece of producers is geared for the future, as this track is the true exemplification of what standards and skillset is out there and releasing incredible work like this.


Right away, this debut track takes you on a cybernetic trail of sounds to entice you as a listener. Reciting ‘Stuck, I’ve been stuck; I’ve been stuck in place‘, you get taken in right away to the hypnotic draw it creates. Utilizing elements of hip-hop, manipulated vocals, and shaky bass; this quickly evolves from the trap music you know and love but with a new reface to it.
What XEN10 accomplishes is otherworldly in sound. The fresh approach to this genre is electrifying as these new and exciting ways to captivate crowds/listeners/fans is next level and top-tier with ‘Stuck‘.



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