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By: Brandon Missig

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ChaoticStyle’s Hello EP is the first release coming off of his Pittsburgh, PA based label, The Metamind Artistry Collective. It’s an open-format label dedicated to experimental dance music ranging from halftime to happy hardcore. This EP starts the label off strong, providing powerful narratives and unique sound design throughout each tune.

The MetaMind Artistry Collective


This track is both an introduction to the idea of the metaphysical and existential and to the dark experimental sounds throughout this EP. The narrator talks about sound and vibrations, a self aware hook to the bass drops. The drops alternate between sounds that are wet and mechanical and ones that are dry and industrial. Each drop is heavy and slow, some make you want to nod your head and others are full on headbangers. Definitely sets the tone for the rest of this unique EP.

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2) Enigma

This song starts off with a trance inducing chord. A narrator returns to define the word enigma before the song opens up into deep wubs and orchestral swells. The song progression is mostly melody driven. The melody is unsettling but also inspiring, it’s broken up between rapid fire bass pulses. It’s a dynamic arrangement that brings you into a euphoric trance-like state before knocking you out of it with the upbeat bass lines throughout it.

3.) FireStarter

The vocals really stand out in this one. A femme voice says “I saw God the other day” and tells a short story. Continuing the trend of each song having an overarching narrative tying them together. The bassline in the intro almost sounds like something you might hear a punk band play. The song really opens up at the peak of the narration with more glassy and metallic noises delivering the grove of the bassline. Lots of interesting layers and panning that really immerse you into this kind of terrifying world being created. Overall I thought the sound design and concept was the strongest in this track, it was deep, immersive and left me wanting more.

4.) The Sun

The Sun is firmly closing out this EP with the darkest song so far. It has an extremely trippy and dramatic intro. It’s filled with strange vocal chops, which really serve the stark and sparse drop well. The song drops with a subdued bassline and sounds like a machine swimming through mud. The space between the kick and snare is deep and filled with unexpected organic noises. The bassline opens up and sounds like a mechanical frog. The interplay between the rhythm and various sounds is very organic and freeform. Solidly ties off the 4 tracks with not only the darkest but also probably the trippiest sounds in the EP.

Crates I’m putting this into: Deep Dark, Wubs & Wonks, Wook Bass, Storytelling



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