Season Three: Loci Records Release [Compilation Write-Up] Featuring jackLNDN, Frameworks, Nym, + 9 MORE

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Season Three: Loci Records Compilation Release

Loci Records adds a third installation to their compilation albums with ‘Season Three‘. Bringing in an aggregation of artists who specialize in downtempo and organic house to Emancipator’s imprint is some the freshest, finest, and foremost up-and-coming talent in our independent music markets. With a whirlwind of vibes and good energy, you can nestle into this compilation from Loci Records relying on the fact their roster of shimmering and shining all-stars are at play. A true spectacle in this spectrum of sound.

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Studding this fervent featurette of sixteen notable producers and up -and-coming musical geniuses is Sebastian Davidson & Cir:cle’s ‘Shasta‘, Good Lee’s ‘Luminous‘, jackLNDN’s ‘Hollow‘, PALLADIAN’s ‘Last Day‘ featuring Rush Keys, a remix from Jacana People of Emancipator & 9 Theory’s ‘I Feel You‘, ‘Elevate’ from Kisnou, Murge’s ‘Felt’, Marley Carroll’s remix of Emancipator’s Awakenings , ‘Rotations’ by Frameworks, Andrew Rothschild’s ‘Tree Echos’, Thoma’s ‘Cascades’, and Nym‘s ‘Snake Drift‘, coming to twelve beautifully created tracks and remixes. As you can see, dripping with downtempo/house goodness from start to finish with just a little in between to keep you excited and intrigued.

Get lost in this compilation by Loci Records. Throw on some sunglasses (indoors too) and get into the groove of where you are and put this on the surround sound system. You won’t regret the sunshine, aeriated, and breathless vibes you are succumbed to on this journey. A refreshing take on where music is headed these days, and by all means, it is exciting to hear.


1. Shasta by Sebastian Davidson & Cir:cle
2.Luminous by Good Lee
3.Hollow by jackLNDN
4.Last Day by PALLADIAN & Rushkeys
5.I Feel You (Jacana People Remix) by Emancipator & 9 Theory
6.Elevate by Kisnou
7.Felt by Murge
8.Awakenings (Marley Carroll Remix) by Emancipator
9.Rotations by Frameworks
10.Tree Echoes by Andrew Rothschild
11.Cascades by Thoma
12.Snake Drift by Nym



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