HippieFlipped – Takeover Week Edition [Artist Interview] Part 2 | Day 6

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[Interview by: Garth Jones]

Round two of the interviews have commenced with HippieFlipped!

Q1: What can you tell us about your first concert? What about your first EDM show?

A1: My first concert was the band Pepper on Halloween! It was such a sick first show to go to. Pepper was like my all time favorite band back in my middle school days. Still to this day one of the most impressive live performances I’ve seen. On top of that I got pulled aside at 13 years old and searched because they thought I was selling drugs lol. Wild ass night. I believe my first EDM show was with Flux Pavillion and Doctor P. What a different kind of experience it is compared to a punk rock/reggae show. The production, the low end bass, I remember thinking it was like they were putting everyone in a trance with the music and the way they transitioned. When Doctor P dropped Sweet Shop I damn near lost my mind.

Q2:If you could spend a day in the studio with any two different music producers on the planet, who would they be and why?

A2: Man, that is a really difficult question to answer. I think Skrillex would be my #1 choice. He’s just on a different planet when it comes to music and production. I would love to just watch him work and vibe with him. Have some sick conversations. My close second would be Space Laces. The man is absolutely insane. His sound design and clean mixing with those crazy ideas makes for some of the coolest music on the planet. Plus he works on FL Studio so I feel like it would be pretty awesome to watch how he creates with it.

Q3: You’re an avid skateboarder, who brings plenty of heart to his music as he does to his passion on the concrete. I must ask, what is your favorite trick, skater, and skatepark? Everyone has favorites!

A3: This is a dope question! So my favorite skater would have to be Cody McEntire. He is one of the most stylish and technical skateboarders I’ve ever seen. His Digital Smoke & Mirrors part is still legendary.
Favorite trick would probably be front blunts [frontside bluntslide], they look cool on everything and are super fun. My favorite skatepark would have to be our local Rhodes Park here in Boise. It’s so diverse and well put together. And I’ve skated a lot of parks across the west coast. My favorite place in general to skate would probably be San Francisco though.

Q4: Given the circumstances, over the length of the pandemic; where do you feel you grew the most in regards to music? Especially when music was so far away just a few months ago, it seemed.

A4: Honestly I think I just learned to go at my own pace. I’ve gotten better at most aspects of music in my opinion, but the thing that has really changed is my understanding of what I want. I’ve learned to stop and smell the roses once in a while and take my time to work on myself at the same time as I work on music.
As far as the live show aspect goes I couldn’t be happier. We all really need live music in our lives. A lot of people have been in difficult head spaces during the last year and I think getting some social interaction with humans other than their friend/ family group could really improve overall morale. So excited for shows and festivals to be back.

Q5: Do you have a funny rider-list item you request for shows? I’ve seen some outlandish ones from headliners!

A5: I do not. Maybe one day here soon I should make one though. Dillon Francis‘s rider list is what I aspire for one day.

Q6: What is your go-to food before/after a show? What about at home? What foods are a hot topic for HippieFlipped?

A6: Anything Mexican is usually the go to. I love spicy foods. I really like exploring new stuff when I travel for shows and find the hidden gems. At home I’m not even going to lie. I order things from UberEats a lot more than I should haha. Recently I’ve been sticking with steak and vegetables for dinner though. Got some super good brown sugar rub that glazes the steak and damn it is good.

Q7: Is there anyone on your radar right now who we definitely should check out? Give those folks a flipped-up shout-out! 

A7: As always there are way too many to fit on here but to name a few I would say my Boise homies Lite Headed, Doctor Chubs, Dunder Cheef and my Twin Falls homie Alien Thunder. They’ve all put out some really sick tunes in the last few weeks.

Thank you, HippieFlipped! We are stoked we got to do this! – Monsoon Season


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