Zovah – I Want You To Know [Track Write-Up]

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[Calgary-based] electronic trap music artist Zovah does it again! This time his newest release titled ‘I Want You To Know’ is an eccentrically structured track using relatable samples, fierce drums, and features two alarmingly bad-a** drops that are fresher than a peppermint.

The soft intro, claps, and drums that begin our journey into ‘I Want You To Know’ really stand out while in the distance you can hear the crescendo of the voice sample come in to remind you that Zovah means business with this track. This initial drop is a complete rollout of the creative capabilities that he continuously adds to trap music today. A shaky rattle, fissure-like, takeover of synthesizer madness.


The middle of the track is almost orchestral in sound, as if a symphony of instruments are at play. From the minor players to major, it is covered in the brief middle area when we hear a build-up of drums that can only mean one thing… a souped-up drop is imminent.

The second variation to the drop is just that, a souped-up, stadium-sized version of the first. Which you can always appreciate, a little increase in the speed, and shit just goes off the chain. Zovah, as always knocks it out of the park with ‘I Want You Know‘, as he has done before with tracks like ‘Trap Noise‘, ‘Same Shit‘ with Tirant and ‘Poppin. He has been busy racking up tracks for the return of events, and by all means hit this dude’s shows (safely). Elbows up!




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