Skrybe + Chess – Desert Of Ashes [Track Write-Up + Interview]

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Skrybe and Chess Countess Steal Our Hearts With New Emotional Future Bass Banger “Desert Of Ashes”

Bass music culture has gone through many stages in the last ten years, seemingly morphing and evolving at a dizzying rate, it’s hard to keep track of every new innovation and trend that comes almost seasonally. That is why it was refreshing to hear a familiarity when Skrybe released his latest track “Desert Of Ashes”; a track that features melancholic chords and instrumentation contrasted by an uplifting and epic crash of future bass chord stacks and crisp synth fills, permeated with his signature style of melding orchestral instrumentation seamlessly throughout the entire section. To add already to this overwhelming production, he has collaborated with the stunning stylings of vocalist Chess Countess who brings a powerfully expressive and dynamic vocal performance throughout the tracks entirely!

I sat down with Skrybe to talk about the release, himself and his music as a whole!

Q1) Hey, how’s it going! Thank you for sitting down with me for this Q&A. To start things off why don’t you tell me how your musical journey has been throughout the year so far?

A1) Hey, thanks for having me! Skrybe is the second of two main artist projects that I have worked on and is the sole one I work on at the moment. It’s a blend of cinematic/orchestral music and electronic music, basically taking the emotional aspects of orchestral tracks and the drive and energy of electronic tracks and melding them together.
As for the musical journey, I started the project back in 2017, when I wrote Melbourne Bounce tunes. I moved on from there and started writing what I write now. I worked on Melbourne Bounce a lot because I live in Melbourne and It’s what’s popular here, but what I vibe has taken over and I don’t regret the change.
In changing to the stuff I do now, I have done official remixes for Brynny, Quiz and Crywolf respectively, I have also had some great collaborations with artists like Jool and Cadmium and have had releases on labels like Tribal Trap, NSD: Black Label and Dim Mak.
Throughout the year, however, it has been a bit slow. This month I released the first official track of the year and have a track out at least once a month from now up until late in the year so there is a lot to look out for.

Q2) Your music is very dynamic emotionally, your last couple of releases being more aggressive and energetic and this one more somber and uplifting. How do you go about switching gears between all of these projects and is it difficult at all?

A2) My mood and general inspirations for things change a lot over time. I struggle to write one style exclusively because most of the time I’ll get bored and look for something else to work on. If I stick to something for too long I’ll get bored and then I won’t finish anything, and we don’t want that!

Q3) Visually and aurally your style is quite set apart from most talent out there, was this style always something you loved or was it teased out over time?

A3)  I remember when I started this project I didn’t have much in the sense of a unique visual styling. I had a brand that looked a lot like everyone else’s and didn’t have a theme that screamed me at the time. I was at a club one night talking to a guy there about my brand and he mentioned that “there was nothing super memorable about the brand” and that “Music alone isn’t enough to be seen as unique
So I did some brainstorming and came up with the gold gas mask which turned into what we have today. My mates and I have tested the visual brand in the past and whenever the name is mentioned the quote “You mean the guy with the gas mask” is said, which proves there is something memorable there.

photo of: Skrybe

Q4) Chess Countess has a very unique style and you have worked with her before on other projects! How did you both meet and what is it like working with each other?

A4) We met through Instagram. Chess Countess liked a lot of Lawrence’s work (Lawrence is one of my photographers), and she saw a lot of photos with me in it and decided to check out my account with no knowledge of me doing music. But she checked the account, heard my tunes and messaged me straight away. Her style is pretty similar to mine, however it’s a lot more pop oriented so we blended quite well musically.
We met up one day for lunch to discuss music and went from there! So far we have done two tracks, both of which have been released. Hopefully there is more stuff to work on in the future!


Q5) How did this track come about? The lyrics are very provocative! Did Skrybe write the instrumental and source Chess or did she approach Skrybe?

A5) This track was originally a bootleg for the acoustic version of Au/Ra‘s track “Ghost“. I really loved the emotion of the track and did something for it. Of course being a bootleg I can’t officially release it and SoundCloud blocked the track because of copyright issues, which is understandable. In the end I took out the Au/Ra track and re-wrote some of the instrumental and spoke to Chess Countess to get her singing on it.
She really liked it and here we are!

Q6) What other projects do you both have lined up this year if you can say?

A7) I have nothing confirmed with Chess Countess at the moment, but as for the rest of the year, I have a track out each month until about November. Because I have this big backlog of tunes I have been working on some bigger projects. I am working on an EP and preparing for a show soon which should be very exciting!
Hopefully you look forward to hearing it!


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