Plurific’s Womens Fest – Giving Women A Platform In A Male Dominant Scene [Spotlight]

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[By: Sarahi Pelayo]

National Women’s month was last month but who is there to say that we can’t celebrate women all year long. Plurific is a woman started company currently run by one amazing mind, Milana. The idea came to light when she was doing homework at a coffee shop and decided she wanted to cover EDM news on a blog and ever since then the rest is history. Although it started off as a blog she soon decided that she could do more and it is now a blog, clothing line and soon to be an events company where she plans to host events all across the US.

Although the EDM community is rather welcoming there seems to be a lack of women presence or rather lack of representation. Milana hopes to change this by hosting an all women festival that will be taking place April 16th and April 17th, this festival will be a collaboration with WHOISCPARK who is an up and coming producer in Canada

The lineup was chosen by Milana and WHOISCPARK by taking it to Twitter and asking people to tag their favorite up and coming female artist. The lineup has women from not only the US but also from Canada which helps the Canadian female scene as well. 

When I asked Milana about “In a male dominated scene, what do you think can change this?”

She responded with:

Representation. There are plenty of women doing just as well if not better than the men in our scene. With more opportunities to be in the spotlight, more women will get a chance to show their talent. It starts with having a platform to give women that spotlight in the first place.”

A statement that could not be any truer, giving women a chance to showcase their talent could benefit not only women but also help inspire women to take the leap in producing music as well.

Be sure to mark your calendar for April 16th & 17th, this event will be streaming on Twitch!



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