Prometheus – Before The Fury [Album Write-Up]

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Before The Fury [Debut Album]


The Utah scene would not be the same without the love and care that thus man provides. Constantly inspiring, pushing, and boosting his friends and associates, not many people do that today. Well we are lucky to have this gent to do so for our friends and family in the storm.
He has supplied us with awesome interviews, editorials, and articles, now it is our turn to write about him.

Let’s welcome Prometheus back into the storm!

Before The Fury is his debut album, studded with 8 tracks, all being an expansive and adventurous take on his vision and direction in music. The album starts with ShadowBas5, moving on to tracks NightMar3, Fucking Headhunt3r, Failed Hop3, Pressur3, Snapp3d, Easy Roll3d, and lastly Never Wanna L3ave. The eight track album will take you to several atmospheres and environments that Prometheus curates with artistry and aesthetic.

Heavy-bass, dubstep and the more brutal sounds can be found in the album holding down the authority and sternness. Fortifying the structure and foundation to the album. Slowly but surely administering the electronica through the works to perpetuate the aesthetic along with house and trap. Keep your eyes closed, ears open, and mind let free with this creative display of musicality.

ShadowBas5 / NightMar3 / Fucking Headhunt3r /
Failed Hop3 / Pressur3 / Snapp3d /
Easy Roll3d / Never Want to L3ave

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