Yerba Terps – Chuco [EP Write-Up]

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[Written by: Brandon Missig]

Yerba Terps – Chuco EP

photo of: Yerba Terps

Yerba Terps are a duo from California, Angel and Ryan. They have been consistently expanding their vibrant and diverse catalog of music for the past few years. The Chuco EP, released on April 2nd, is no exception.  The EP showcases their love of drum & bass with their ability to create fresh and groovy basslines, engaging upbeat drums, and emphasize catchy vocals. There are some unique concepts at work in the way these two mesh various genres together in a natural way without introducing many major “switch up” moments. The HEAVY remix of their popular song Gun Fingers by footwork legend EQ Why is just icing on the cake for this solid release.

Chuco, the EPs namesake, kicks things off with a fun pitched up vocal and a “chillin at the beach with a drink” intro. The beat picks up for the build and the song quickly throws you into a fast Jump-Up style drop. The chopped up drum breaks are reminiscent of jungle, while other ear candy type sounds keep you engaged throughout each phrase. The plucky and subtly distorted bass is reminiscent of both a grimey D&B roller and a UK Garage bassline, earning this track its title, Chuco, which means filthy in Central American Spanish.



The second track on the EP  starts off with a tight and clean beat. The percussion is very live sounding here almost like liquid drum and bass. The vocals are introduced and the track quickly accelerates into a feel good D&B drop. The song is carried by the warm retro stabs of the bassline, but they also use synth driven fills and turnarounds to keep your ears and the dance floor feeling refreshed throughout. 

Gun Fingers (EQ Why Remix)

The song stands out for a number of reasons, the first is the waveform for the track itself. The song opens with a classic Footwork sub bass/808 pulse, the waveform looks like a sausage and indeed the track is an unrelenting wall of bass. The classic Chicago Footwork vibe combines really well with Yerba Terps more aggressive and distorted sound design. EQ Why delivers on a heavy hitting track that intersperses distorted bass noises with technical drum rhythms and interesting wet percussive sounds. Definitely bringing out the gun fingers for this one.



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