ElezD – You Can Be [Track Write-Up]

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ElezD – You Can Be

[San Diego-based] dance music artist ElezD gives us all the inspiration and motivation his newest track ‘You Can Be‘ which is a self-released techno track that takes you on a journey. This adventurous and wildly explosive original sits at a whopping seven (7) minutes and rightfully so. This is a story in the form of techno.

Just imagine, you venture into an open-air festival with your friends and are enjoying the night of your life. Loud music, bright lights, and seemingly endless pools of people in all directions. You are home.
Just as fast as you can feel your heart rate increase and your sweat begins to pour, you find yourself lost from your friends and dancing your way to new stages in search of your misplaced party.

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You stumble unto a techno stage and the lights have dissipated and the sound is intoxicating. You draw closer and find a sheer amount of energy that hasn’t been felt before, a magnetic draw towards this stage. What you are surprised to find is ElezD is rocking the decks and the track being played is ‘You Can Be‘. This cohesive connection has been created and you aren’t lost anymore.

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photo of: ElezD

The whole 7 minutes of ‘You Can Be‘ is exactly a jaunt away from what you know and returning with a newfound love for something bewildering and outright intoxicating in sound from ElezD. The effortless display build-ups and upbeat usage of sound selection is what is keeping my ears piqued and perked. Which, I haven’t a doubt this same fate is yours; you will fall in love with this auditory masterpiece.

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