VICEGRIP + Stealth – Lethal Combo & Breathrough: Biophaze Records Release [Double Feature Write-Up]

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[Written by Garth Jones + Zachary Sharabii]

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Vicegrip + Stealth – Lethal Combo & Breathrough: Biophaze Records Release [Double Feature Write-Up]

[Florida-based] bass music label known as Biophaze Records has been at the helm of purely destructive, aggressive, and bone-crushing releases that span from artists all over the world. The recent repertoire of music, appearances, and presence has not only fortified their position in the current industry but also for ages to come. They are undeniably unstoppable and show no signs of slowing their immense reign.

We covered their 30+ track Halloween Compilation album this last October and being blown away would be an understatement, more like: atomized, disintegrated, and obliterated. Banger after banger, heat after heat, ultimately a spectacle of sound.
In addition, we interviewed the owner, Aaron not too long ago [Click HERE] and he has obviously kept the grind alive, hard, and strong. We can only assume this gent takes this label all the way.

As for Lethal Combo and Breakthrough by VICEGRIP and Stealth, prepare as the domination of your auditory senses imminent. Both tracks slaying, slicing and dicing your very core to its foundation. Not many times do you see a double whammy release like this that compliments and supplements the neighboring track. Here, you get that and more. Without further ado, this the erosion of the two; the breakdown if you will?

Lethal Combo bombards your initial interest with the drums that are laced with a wonk-filled crescendo into its first drop. That drop taking you down a never-ending hole of riddim perfection. The swaying soundscapes that keep rocking back and forth each time larger and harder than the last are what make it through the first-most section. Evening itself out, you get another mental surprise at the second-half that draws you in even more until you get hit with an aerated beam of bass and laser-forward synths to complete this combination of lethal proportions.

Breakthrough comes barreling in, making-way as a stampede of sound, leaving your jaw floored right away. The brief introduction quickly turns into a whirlwind build-up, taking off with this drop of a lifetime. Punching with huge bass and immense power, the two artists VICEGRIP and Stealth take riddim to a much higher level of standard.
You can appreciate the dynamic shifts in sound selection while they contrast and diversify with synths, basslines, and pure wobble magic to keep your ears piqued at all times. Keeping it fresh and garnished from top to bottom with attitude and energy, these two have seriously shown what is expected from them. And, that is pure bass-forward chaos.

[Above written by Garth Jones]


Zachary had to say:

There are some puns I disagree with myself for iterating, and there are some with a title like this, I feel this pun was super clever and well placed with these two songs I got to listen to that was collaborated by the talented VICEGRIP and Stealth. When I had gotten to sit down and listen to these songs, starting with Lethal Combo, I was blown away and the title, is a big sign to inform my ears of the journey they will be trekking on! The best way to go into conversation amongst my friends and associates discussing sounds that categorize under glitchy type sounds that make me feel as if there were some artists that came out of the dimension of the Matrix, thought:

Hey, did you all ever consider thinking about glitch type sounds being used in music?

This song smacks with being an absolute lethal combo between VICEGRIP and Stealth, and again pardon me for the puns, but I can’t be blamed when I’m listening to amazing work! The intro and build up opened up a portal to the Matrix in my room. The drop design is absolutely phenomenal with using glitch sounds and certain off key sounds that when layered appropriately, it doesn’t sound off to the ear at the slightest!

Above written by Zachary Sharabii

I was discussing among other well known associates, and was being informed that a trend in sound design, entails off key sounds, but there is a significant importance for such a technique to be used appropriately and precisely. This sound design gives me imagination with alien type sounds as well, but it hand holds with glitchy synths, that made this song a combo to be trifled with. When we finish Lethal Combo and move towards the next track, Breakthrough, I am already in need of hearing more collaborations by these individuals. Breakthrough touches down with leaving room for the sounds to breathe when being layered appropriately with the drums. Lethal Combo and Breakthrough take you on a slower tempo of dubstep that sways you back and forth like a lullaby. Some people can’t go to sleep to this music, I am one of those people that can go to sleep to songs like these. 

-by Zachary Sharabii

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Vicegrip + Stealth – Lethal Combo & Breathrough: Biophaze Records Release

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