Biophaze Records – Aaron Hammond [Label Owner Interview]

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Please welcome Biophaze Records to the storm!

Q1: Where did this all begin? Briefly walk us through your origin story of Biophaze Records!

A1: There is no cool story behind the label name, me and the original co-owner (whom no longer works for Biophaze) just mutually agreed upon it. Back in 2010, I realized there are just far too many underrated artists that need exposure and I wanted to help. But I also wanted my pride to become part of every banger sent my way, so what better way than to slap your logo on them and let bass reign supreme! I consider my label the stepping stone for many great names and I couldn’t be more proud of all of them.

Drizz + Rage-Bot – Sacrifice

Q2: What genres does the label primarily deal with? Where does this liking derive from for this genre and industry as a whole?

A2: Biophaze Records has NO genre boundaries. Majority of releases are Dubstep, but whatever my ears like is the name of the game. Quality over quantity is what I always lived by, so we thrive to stand out

Free Halloween Comp – 2020

Q3: What sort of tips and tricks can you direct us to the aspiring artist to get a release on a label such as your own, Biophaze Records?

A3: Keep on pushing! If one label turns you down, send to another. One thing a lot of artists lack, is being self confident and being a go-getter. I am always accepting submissions and I welcome any and all artists to do so. As a label owner, I definitely look for quality. I love my bass, but I also love my hearing. Fix your levels, get a professional opinion, listen on loud speakers and make sure its worth sending to a label.

Q4: What is in store for the unwritten 2021?

A4: Besides a never ending catalog of fresh music from some dope artists, Biophaze will be teaming up with a few friends to throw some indoor shows and outdoor festivals starting early 2021. Keep those eyes peeled.

Q5: Where do you see Biophaze Records in 2025? Give a glimpse into that utopian year!

A5: Oh boy… Well, I am hoping by that time people will know every name on my roster. My artists always come before me. I’m currently working with a team of like-minded friends that have been discussing a few ideas to benefit everyone. So for the time being, it’s under the radar

Q6: Who do you see putting in the blood, sweat, and tears on-the-daily? Shout-out who you think is killing it these days! We want to know!

A6: By far the hardest question I have been asked as a label owner that loves and supports all artists. If I could name every person that deserves a shout out and why, we would be sitting here for hours. But these 3 stand out the most and have shown me they won’t give up! BUT…
Yoki – By far the hardest working and most dedicated DJ/Artist I’ve met. She kills it on the decks and stays humble to the world
High Mountain – This guy can attract a crowd for any genre. One of the best genre flipping DJs in Central Florida. Transitions like butter!
Gairn – Upcoming producer and DJ that has a few releases on the label. All around great guy, stays humble and keeps impressing me with all this new music!


Thank you Aaron, and the rest of the Biophaze Records team and artists involved!

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