The Disco Godfathers – Let’s Get Movin’ [Track Write-Up]

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Get ready to turn the lights down low for ‘Let’s Get Movin’ by The Disco Godfathers


This funky track [Let’s Get Movin‘] is certainly one to get you up and ready to start dancing. Starting out steady and upbeat, The Disco Godfathers quickly grab the listener’s attention with their heavy bumping bass sounds in ‘Let’s Get Movin”. The song then grows into a beautifully mapped-out build-up that leads into what can only be described as a fun-filled bass-house drop! The consistency and vibe throughout this entire track really captivate you and keeps you drawn into it the whole entire time. This one is a sure indication of the phenomenal up-and-coming talent behind and within our EDM community. Let’s get moving is one you will want to jam out to over and over again, no doubt!

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[Above written by: Krystle Skyye]

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The Disco Godfathers deliver a throwback with old disco, integrate with hip-hop-type instrumentals that lead to such a housey and deep vibe! They do a great job to earn their title in their name through writing stellar music, Let’s Get Movin’ for is an exceptional example of a song to share with friends to grab people’s attention! As a DJ and producer, I definitely would have a splendid time incorporating this in my future performances! We start the song with a smooth and steady drum pattern, with subtle sounds, the bass rings later as it prepares us for a journey, where there are amazing genres being referenced through different concepts in this sound design! It’s really fascinating to talk about EDM because of the massive door it opens for people to get creative incorporating genres, sounds, and ideas, that weren’t available to us ages ago!

The Disco Godfathers become an example of individuals being able to utilize other genre ideas, but bring it all together with such flow. Before my ears are blessed with the drop, I thought with the hip-hop beat and sampling, thinking this was going to be a song that is categorized under the genre of trap music! When the drums start smacking to tell my ears that the build-up is here, it journeys together so marvelously, the drop hits, and I’m hit with a deep and funky disco vibe (no pun intended) that forces my feet to get moving, afterward, it was amazing to hear the reference of hip hop/trap music being incorporated through a different structure.

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It goes back to what I mentioned with technology and sound design being so fascinating to allow people like The Disco Godfathers to be able to incorporate awesome concepts and work under inspirations to create awesome masterpieces like this song. With all these different concepts of sound from old to new being utilized, these individuals did a lovely job maintaining flow from beginning to end! When I’m hit with the second drop, it carries with equal momentum, but slowly plants us down at our feet. Doing this in such a way wraps up my ears for the beautiful journey they got to experience!

It’s special thanks to The Disco Godfathers and Monsoon Season that allow me to elaborate on the significance and the variety the world electronic dance music has to offer, and how it continues to grow with more and more artists being able to deliver with being capable of incorporating their sounds, genre inspirations, and other amazing concepts!

[Above written by: Zachary Sharabii]

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