Mad Mountain Music Festival 2020 featuring Freddy Rule, GODLAZER, and TYRO.


Braydon Drell, or better known under his alias; Coenica, is a multi-faceted individual with many hats being worn and many surprises and tricks up his sleeve.
One of them being a bass-music producer, the other being a festival organizer. The festival itself is a first of its kind in the great state of Wyoming. Behold, Mad Mountain Music Festival. 

On August 7th & 8th, taking place at Mills Spring Ranch in Casper Wyoming this summer The flagship festival will revitalize and introduce a plethora of talented producers, artists and bands alike.
The festival will be headlined by major acts like Freddy Rule, GODLAZER, and TYRO. Supporting acts will come from names such as Coenica, Jotunn Dubs, Safari Parti, Shmeeka, Big Redd, CRZYTHNDR, Figures in Fiction, Game Over, Kaspen Haley, King TVT B2B KDUBZ, Kylloe, Spillz, The Mighty Q, Tree 07, Triangulum Peace, and recently interviewed TR!P HVZVRD.  (SoundCloud, Spotify, and, Facebook links highlighted).

Freddy Rule  (pictured below)

freddy rule


The genres you can expect to see live is electronica, bass-house, dubstep, folk, melodic, and country music. Along with many other versatile genres of music! A little bit of everything for everyone!

GODLAZER  (pictured below)



In addition to all the live music to be experienced on Mills Spring Ranch, there will be plenty of activities, art installations, and food/drink vendors of all sorts to visit and support.

TYRO (pictured below)



This festival is shaping up to be a game-changer for Wyoming and Coenica as a whole. We are utterly excited to see the metamorphosis of this event and what end-product we will see in the near future.

Here at Monsoon Season, our hats are off to you! We will be covering this festival and all of its artists, promoters, and soon to be attendees.

See you on August 7th and 8th in the vast and beautiful state of Wyoming on Mills Spring Ranch in Casper!  


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