OkregLucky: The Chopping Block – Brainsick Records Live Stream Festival [Artist Interview]

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Q1: Welcome! To your recollection, what can you tell us about the history of OkregLucky?

A1: About my history.. well I started my ‘career’ less than 3 years ago when I found Yamiu and Liquid Riddim, that’s where it all starts. Of course, I was producing before, but I wasn’t really publishing anything (or if I published I was removing it really quickly). So back to it, I really enjoyed their uploads and I fell in love with Liquid Riddim lol I found Naifer on Facebook and I was sending him my first Liquid Riddim tracks. Finally, I released one track on Yamiu, and sometime after that, I joined them. A bit later I went more into heavier Riddim and Dubstep, I released few pretty good tracks. But I still was doing different genres and finding my own style. So I released a hybrid-trap collaboration with F Square on Hybrid Trap (yup, that’s the label name), another hybrid-trap track on Play Me Records, and finally the whole EP also on Play Me Records. It was an awesome feeling, releasing those, I finally was feeling like I made something really good because my EP got support from producers like 12th Planet, Krewella, Zardonic, and many more. Right now, I am very much into Drum & Bass, I think I just can’t stick in with one genre, but honestly, I hope I’ll stay with DnB a bit more. I am working on another EP for Play Me Records so stay tuned


Q2: In regards to this live stream,’ The Chopping Block‘ how are preparing to unleash a set different from your other sets?

A2: My ‘The Chopping Block’ set will be different from my previous sets. I mixed DnB, Hybrid Trap, Riddim, and even Dutch House. I tried to mix as many tracks as I can so the transitions are really quick sometimes. I went really experimental and honestly, it’s dope.


Q3: In addition to Brainsick Records’ ‘The Chopping Block’, do you have more tricks up your sleeve for the beginning of 2021? 

A3: Yeah, as I said I am working on a new EP for Play Me Records, but I also signed two tracks with Hybrid Trap and I am talking with Metanoia Music for a single release.

OkregLucky 7:00 pm – 730 pm EST


Q4:  If you wanted to leave a message to your fans and listeners; what would it be? 

A4: Probably simple ‘I LOVE YOU‘, because I love all the people who support me. It just gives me a lot of motivation when I see those comments and messages.


Q5: Who is on your radar right now? Give a shout-out to who is killing it lately! 

A5: My favorite producer right now is definitely Kumarion. He is insane and I am so glad that I had the chance to talk to him for a moment. But also Rebel Scum, AIRGLO, F Square (and their alias TESSARACT), Dusko, Delcherro, and Naifer are doing pretty good work!


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