SLVDGY: The Chopping Block – Brainsick Records Live Stream Festival [Artist Interview]

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Q1: Welcome, finally! Briefly, what can you tell us about the history of SLVDGY?

A1: It all came about just going to live events, I really felt the crowd and energy. That’s when I realized I’d love to create the same energy and just make people forget all the bad stuff for a couple of hours. That’s where I knew I wanted to start a journey with SLVDGY!

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Q2: In regards to this live stream ‘The Chopping Block‘, how are preparing to unleash a set different from your other sets?

A2: I mainly just freestyle my sets and put all my energy into them. I feel every set is unique and that’s why I love to freestyle.

SLVDGY 11:30 – 12


Q3: In addition to Brainsick Records’ ‘The Chopping Block’, do you have more tricks up your sleeve for the beginning of 2021?

A3: Yes, I do have a lot ready and just giving time to announce some amazing stuff! As for Slvdgy, I will be hitting hard for 2021! Expect a bunch of new stuff.


Q4: If you wanted to leave a message to your fans and listeners; what would it be?

A4: I just want to say I appreciate you guys. Every time you hit that follow button it means more to me than you guys could know. Thanks for rocking with me and let’s make a great 2021!


Q5: Who is on your radar right now? Give a shout-out to who is killing it lately!

A5: I want to shoutout; Jack White, Not just because he put together this event but this man puts in countless hours and deserves everything coming his way! I also just want to shout out to the whole community? Is that okay? You guys rock and never stop being creative!

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