Dimes Of London – UK Coining Fashion To New Heights [Interview]

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Q1: Welcome to our storm, Dimes Of London! We are stoked to get soaked with you. For our audience; can you tell us a little about the backstory behind this project. Who is running it? 

A1: Hello there Storm! One of my best friends and I are running this project (I cannot reveal his name, we are both very mysterious characters haha). We could even define it as a community, a holy circle of creative DIMES!


Q2: In what ways do you feel your musical background has a cohesive tie to this fascinating side-project, Dimes Of London

A2: I might sound so arrogant but I DONUT care haha I do have a really good music knowledge in terms of genres/artists etc. So for every single person, we are shooting, in one of the 3 posts, especially the one when they hold/play with my mask I put a song title that inspired/remind me of that person. So as you can see not all the songs are heavy as f**k.

Q3: What places in London have you shot that was most notable? What about the most creative? 

A3: I literally cannot pick one to be fair. Every single spot chosen is based on my feeling about the characters we shooting. I guess it is more of a spontaneous vibe in terms of locations.


Q4: What walks of life would your audience, fans, and supporters likely draw from, if not the dance music community? 

A4: This project-community is about to finally bring people back together. It has been one year where the social environment has been killed by this apocalypse. People now are lazy as f**k, they became couch potatoes and they all pretend to be “busy”, yes, of course, watching tv and porn, probably hating on someone’s political or religious idea.

Q5: How do you plan to expand your vision of fashion into other facets of the world?

A5: My mission of course is to conquer the world in terms of heavy bass music and super glazed donuts but also I want to bring people together in order to make them network with each other and grow at the same time. Some people cannot or do not wanna see the value of what we doing, but honestly is their problem.


Q6: If you could leave on message with the viewers and your growing fanbase, what would it be? 

A6: Everyone we did shoot gave me a fulfilling goosebump: every text after the shoot, every genuine smile towards what we are doing, and every hug (even if human contact is not allowed, I am an alien so I donut give a flying f**k about it haha). 
Everyone is welcome in this community but not everyone is open-minded (or “bothered”) enough for it.
We do appreciate every single individual’s creativity.
Dimes by definition are attractive peoples 360 degrees of beauty, craziness, and art.

YOU are unique
WE are unique



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