CloZee – Emergence: Gravitas Recordings Release [Compilation + Virtual Music Showcase Write-Up]

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The compilation ‘Emergence’, the live stream event and its after-party will showcase, highlight and surface numerous rising and risen artists in the bass music playing field. The main live stream, Emergence Virtual Music Showcase, will levitate your auditory and visual senses to a new level of piquing and entertaining. Gravitas Recordings has teamed up with an array of influential, prolific, and pioneering names in dance music today to support and sponsor the festival. Ringing in their expertise and experience is Disco Donnie Presents, Electric Hawk, River Beats, Celevate, Wormhole Music Group, and of course, the musical curation of CloZee. What an aggregation of bright, passionate, and notable sponsors to supplement this phenomenon, right?

photo courtesy of: Redlight Management

CloZee being the headliner of the event, has an inspiring and outright motivating history with Gravitas Recordings that may shed some light and love on the topic at hand, and how her rank in this robust industry was manifested.
Winding the clocks back, in years; we can begin to formulate this fantastic relationship. CloZee had made herself known in 2013 via her remix competition submission to Mr. Bill‘s track titled ‘Cheya‘ which was hosted by Gravitas Recordings respectively at that time. Scoring a monumental second place in the competition, the seed was planted that would eventually bloom into a self-sustaining, fruit-bearing, and ultimately ceiling-piercing flower that hasn’t (nor will) stopped growing. Garnishing her repertoire with unquantifiable releases, multiple extended plays (EP), and two albums, and an earth-shattering presence across the bass-music spectrum; it is truly empirical to recount.

In her wondrous wake, she is continuing to break ground with the aforementioned sponsors, parties, and supporters to administer a massive dose of music tracing from the likes of CloZee, Zebbler Encanti Experience, NotLo, Morillo, Defunk, Axel Thesleff, Megan Hamilton, Savej, Somatoast, Wolf-e-Wolf, and VJs: Dariel Leiva (CloZee), Clearvoid (NotLo).

Taking these emerging artists and putting them on a platform to play their hearts out to their fans, new-listeners, and avid streamers alike; the altruism is here. In an undeniably troubling and trying time, this music festival and compilation in a cohesive unit will personify what the music and our community are symbolically about and representative of that thereof.

photo by: Pierre Beteille

Performing Artists:
CloZee, Zebbler Encanti Experience, NotLo, Morillo, Defunk, Axel
Thesleff, Megan Hamilton, Savej, Somatoast, Wolf-e-Wolf
VJs: Dariel Leiva (CloZee), Clearvoid (NotLo)

Disco Donnie, Electric Hawk, River Beats, Celevate, Wormhole Music Group


Emergence: Official Afterparty

Performing Artists:
Psymbionic, TEMPLO, Lil Fish, Liquid Bloom

Riverbeats & Gravitas Recordings


More Music:


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