WLLWS & EXTE – Wonderlove: The Arcadium Project Release [Track Write-Up]

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[Poland & San Francisco-based] electronic dance music artists WLLWS and EXTE come together as one to deliver a mind-melting trap-heater to come any/all warm who feast on its wondrous yet hellish goodness titled ‘Wonderlove‘. Out now on The Arcadium Project; this track can be found on most streaming platforms (Spotify/SoundCloud).


The track at hand, right off the bat, ‘Wonderlove‘ impales your sense with a spear of sound. The ability to manipulate, morph, and simply manifest a whole environment of melodic trap-based concepts and impressions is all-too-present. They resonate and utterly shock the listener with overlays in the beginning and start to unravel what is to come with ‘Wonderlove‘.



Both WLLWS and EXTE are personifying their passion into the formation of this feature from The Arcadium Project. The soft notes of the melody, to the harder point of production, and the overall usage of captivating soundscapes is magnetic and allow the listener to really encapsulate and immerse themselves into the music. Give it listen, like, and share today!

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