InSulin – Hot Sauce: DIVERGE Records Release [EP Write-Up]

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[Detroit-based] house music producer InSulin reforms the structure with his newest EP release with the ever-growing DIVERGE Records. This two-piece packed with power EP is literally the dose of energy and spice you’ll need to invigorate any time of day.

Hot Sauce & Flex With You revitalizes and refreshes your senses, overloading in seconds. When you slam an EP down like this an explanation should be in order, here this is simply a phenomenon at work. I can appreciate and highlight the fact this extended play carries and garnishes the elements of dance music you always anticipate from a release. InSulin really puts the proof in the pudding or hot sauce, more like it.

InSulin is no stranger to the storm, proclaiming his sheer magnitude in one blow, the gent can knock you over in a single track. InSulin’s typhoonTUNES guest mix on our SoundCloud from our September series we did was so explosive in sound and voluminous in energy I personally listened to it over fifty times, easily. The dude has spunk in his music that is unlike any other artist I’ve come across in his respective genre and field. The administration of hype is unreal.

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