DIALYUP – Set Me Free: Backroom Records Release [Track Write-Up + Interview]

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DIALYUP – Set Me Free

The EDM community has been truly blessed with a work of art with this release! From the viral melody (it’s going to get stuck in your head and you are going to love it) to the care given to the mix, this track is honestly worthy of Billboard level domination. No exaggeration.

There is a new player in the genre and DIALYUP is bringing their A+ game to listeners everywhere with this tune. This track receives a perfect score in my own humble opinion. 10/10. The melodic compliment given to the track by the electric guitar that greets us at the beginning triggers memories and feelings of summer nights spent carefree. This is just the beginning, as every single element of the track weaves its way into your emotions.

The listener is taken on a journey through the cycle of life. In the same way, as a person grows from a child into maturity, so does “Set Me Free” grow and develop into full bloom. Simple yet emotionally effective horns subtlety provide the framework for the drop structure. Everything that happens has a reason and purpose for existing in the audio spectrum. There is not a single moment of randomness to be found. This really is an expertly crafted soundscape.

There are foley sounds of children playing at an outdoor playground in the intro, bridge, and outro sections of “Set Me Free” that took me away to a new universe entirely. I literally felt like I was suddenly watching a slideshow of my most treasured memories pass through my mind.

The energy manipulation continues further as my chest is set on fire by the jump up section at the end of the song. The entire song is an emotional wave that makes you want to jump up and bust a move to the groove. Treat your self and put this MASTERPIECE on loop for a while. You won’t regret it. What an absolute gem to experience. Wow!

[written by: Travis Bisbee]

[Listen to Set Me Free]

[Interview: DIALYUP]

Welcome to our thunderous troposphere! We are elated and electrified to have you with us. Let’s get stoked to get soaked. Ready?

[Interviewed by: Garth Jones]

Q1: For anyone just joining us, who is DIALYUP? What can you tell us about your origin story?

A1: DIALYUP is an artist project I came up with while I was attending Icon Collective.  Music for me has been a pretty integral part of my life. At a very early age, I took piano lessons, and in high school, I was in a band (mostly doing covers). During college, I was in a jazz band.  While in college I was also DJing / Producing on the side. I eventually saved up enough to move out to Los Angeles to go to Icon Collective.  During my time there I really honed in on the type of music I wanted to make and that blossomed into what DIALYUP is today!  If I had to describe my sound it would be Jersey Club / Baltimore club music with electronic dance music elements blended in. Recently though I’ve been experimenting with the UK garage sound a bit and blending that into my style as well. 


Q2: Your track ‘Set Me Free’ just dropped! What sort of feelings have you had on this debut track with Backroom Records and how do you feel now that it is released?

A2: I’m feeling a sense of joy and happiness that I was able to release this track.  I feel this track came out at the right time given our current situation.  I hope it brings joy and comfort to all that listen to the record!

Q3: What sort of advantages and opportunities have you had been from the San Diego area in regards to music?

A3: Some opportunities (pre-COVID) that came up with being in the San Diego area were playing at local parties, bars, events, and playing shows downtown nightclubs. The relationships I gained are some of the best opportunities while being in San Diego. Artists, promoters, and managers. I’ve learned a lot of things from these individuals which naturally bloomed into opportunities.

Q4: Where do you see DIALYUP in 5 years? Walk us through that utopian year. 

A4: I see myself playing a few major festivals (fingers crossed) and releasing on major labels in five years time! And oh yeah merch. Lots of merch. Shirts, tank tops, sweats, stickers, the whole nine yards.

Q5: Backroom Records is fresh on the streets, which is so exciting for us and everyone involved. How did you know this track was meant for this label? 

A5: Backroom Records is the new kid on the block! I too am really excited to be a part of this record label.  I knew from the get-go this track was meant for this label because of the people involved with the track.  Their team assisted in honing in on the visuals for the song and making sure the release went smooth as much as possible.

Q6: Who do you see killing it lately? Give them a downright DIALYUP shout out! 

A6: Gotta give a shout out to my Icon Fam.  These individuals are talented as hell. Do not sleep on them. They are the future. Wye Nawt, Muerte, Arbityr, Sleeplesskid, Skellytn, Jilli, & Farco. I co-sign them wholeheartedly!

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