Murlock Holms + Psyoptic – Taken Souls: Psychocybin Recordings Release [Track Write-Up + Interview]

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[Texas & Florida] collide effortlessly with the unstoppable force Murlock Holms and the immovable object Psyoptic, The way these two synchronize and synergize is an absolute coalescence. The track at hand ‘Taken Souls‘ is simply the end result that thereof. This bass-forward track is assuredly going to get your attention within seconds, peaking at all times, leaving you jaw-dropped and ready for more. Individually, each producer delivered; checking off on all the boxes of bass.

Stream the track, take it all in, and wipe the sweat off your forehead. Collect yourself! Then go follow/like, repost/share, and show your support for Murlock Holms and Psyoptic via their respective outlets provided above.

We get to know these two gents in a brief interview before we go LIVE on Instagram Sunday, the 7th, 2021. There, we will do a comprehensive review and touch down more in-depth about this track, fun facts, and of course … MUCH MORE!

[Listen to Taken Souls]


[Interview: Murlock Holms & Psyoptic]

Q1. For anyone who might not know, who are we speaking to? This collaboration has a new namesake here!

A1: Producer out of small-town Texas. I used to go by Gnarghile, b00nz, and Ren N Trippy. Murlock Holms was a rebrand as my sound grew and became more presentable. Murlock Holms is a play on my nerdy side. I used to play World of Warcraft for years, and I’m a huge Sherlock Holms fan. Figured I’d do a little play on words for my nerdy friends out there. My absolute best friends in life have been nerds, and it’s a lot of the reason I decided to rebrand with Murlock Holms.

May be a black-and-white image of outerwear

A1: Previously, I was creating music as Megatronus X, I worked in the Sporeprint and MEGATRON3X duos, and I am best known for my work curating the Psychocybin labels. But it’s a new year, a new me and a new time, now I have launched my new alias and direction for 2021 under the name Psyoptic!

May be an image of text that says 'PSYOPTIC'

Q2. The track at hand ‘Taken Souls‘ right off the bat has an eerie and ominous name. Is there any backstory to the name of the track? 

A2: Well the track is dark. Not a whole lot of bright elements to it. Mainly was what I was feeling at the time when I pitched the idea to Dan (Psyoptic).

 We had talked back and forth regarding possible names for the track, Murlock Holms had the original project titled “Taken Soul“, I can’t speak for his original idea, but for a while, we thought about going a different direction with the name, but ultimately I expressed to him that I really liked the way those words aligned with the feel of the track, I, however, wanted it to be two 5-letter words that aligned better symmetrically and described the both of us working together on the track, thus we added the final “s” to create “Taken Souls“.

Q3. Psyoptic – as far as being under a name alias, how does it feel walking into a track like this compared to under an established name?
MurlockHolms – On the contrary, how does it feel to walk into a track with a new name versus an established name? Does it feel different, if so; can you describe these feelings? 

A3: This is honestly a hard question for me. I don’t view people by their name, I view them by their character. No matter if you’re headlining, or a brand spanking new name if you don’t vibe, the track will show it. I have a blast when I collab with Psyoptic. I always get updates, and ideas are thrown at me. Tests, see if I like this or that. The communication was on point, the attitudes were always supportive, and we both learned loads of stuff along the way. I was working with a friend, not a brand.  

A3: Launching a new alias can be tough, I’ve seen many artists fail, even ones who had huge names, to begin with, however, I knew that this is the direction I wanted to go with my music and I knew that I would have to put in a ton of work to get back my former recognition. So I’ve been putting my all into the projects I’ve been working on and making sure to deliver the best experience I can to the listener. I feel that launching with a track this large; it was not nearly as difficult to get the alias pumping as I would have imagined ad I’ve gotten nothing but love for the alias since I launched it. I couldn’t be happier with the success of this track and the new alias as a whole.

Q4. As far as Taken Souls‘ production and creative processes are concerned; where do we both stand on it? What was your inspiration?

A4:When I first sent him the idea it was a full idea. Not perfect, but well received. The sound design that I sent him was pretty much long boy bass’s and the intro melody yall hear in the track. He took over, turned it into this monster. I couldn’t have been happier with his vision on top of what I gave him. I’m very very happy with how it came out.

MurlockHolms had begun the idea for the project, he wrote the original melodies, aligned the original beats, and designed the original sounds that held a certain direction toward the style of Peekaboo and G-Rex‘s tunes, he sent it over to me as an early WIP (work in progress) project that was still nowhere near polished, but I loved the ideas and I just knew this was the one I wanted to make our first collab, so I resampled everything he had made and started chopping it up, tearing out the sounds, reworking them, redefining them, automating, pitching and effecting them into a unique alien abduction sequence. I wanted this song to have the quality of the big artists doing this style like ATLiens. So after about 27 reworks, we finally decided this version was ready for a release.

Q5. Can we expect any more from you two in the near future? Drop some details.

A5:Shoot that’s up to Psyoptic. I send him new ideas every day. All he has to say is let’s boogie.

We haven’t officially started our second collab yet, but we have become close friends and we found working together works quite well, I can load most of his projects and I can have him drop out the stems of anything that might not load so we have no trouble sending work back and forth. Our styles clearly have worked well together and I can definitely say we will be doing more in the future


Q6. Who do you each see killing it lately? Give them your shout-outs and love below! 

A6:Joki with WTFs That Sound. This man has always supported my art and my progression as a producer. Big ups to the kindness and generosity that he’s shown me over the past 3-ish years I’ve known the guy. He signed my first track ever called Martha’s Turkey. Big Tuna out of New York. If you don’t know, then now you know where to find some good deep dub wub a tub type music.

Lately there have been a ton of artists killing it, special shoutouts to TOFA, SIKLOK, PERP, Mind Island, Hedron, VIRUSOID, TRON3X, and my man Phunk Bias!!! I’ve been playing out tunes from these boys in my recent sets and every time the reactions are HUGE!


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