Phocust – Honker [Track Write-Up]

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Phocust – Honker

[Los Angeles-based] bass music producer has his eyes on the road, hands on the wheel, and is ready to HONK! Releasing his newest track punching the horn, titling the track ‘Honker‘, it really is a full-package-deal. The intro to end, it screams (or honks) with every element you’d find in a genuinely creative and articulately engineered track.

From the get-go, the instantaneous hook with the horns in the beginning, taking you to the very place this track was debuted… at a car show! Blaring this beast in front of hundreds, the Insomniac Park N’ Rave Series with Wooli, Trivecta, and Ace Aura, was a successfully and safely distanced event for the devoted honkers!

Are you ready? The build-up is just getting started! What a fun and wonky ride to start 2021. We can seat ourselves, buckled-in, knowing Phocust has us strapped for a joy ride, laying on the horn. Stream the track, like/repost, and show your support for this bass music aficionado.

[Listen to Honker]

Photo credit above: Stetsen Colt Media
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