Grisly – Test Me: Brass Knuckle Records Release [Track Write-Up]

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This track is what every headbanger craves when it comes hitting the keys to dubstep. The intro is very flowy and keeps your head slightly bobbing while also keeping that build-up to hold the anticipation of what heat is about to come, and Grisly did not leave out any detail when the drop hits! You’ve got that thick and crunchy punch from the snare that slaps you in the face right after a brief hesitation that leads into that lovely bass drop we all know and love! When that bassline comes, you will not be able to prepare yourself quick enough; It is full of the heavy and loud bass that fills the airwaves and breaks necks! Grisly is an artist you definitely do not want to sleep on! With heaters like this, there is no telling what the future may hold.
– Tate B.


Grisly prepares you for a very heavy journey where you want to be armored up to just rhino your way through every obstacle. Very heavy bass, but also such a smart blend between trap sounds and dubstep sounds! I find this song a great conversation starter to those that appreciate EDM, due to my personal fascination towards the genre of trap music and having it strategically blended with dubstep! I would want to hear this blast at an opening stage to a festival while raging with my friends! I definitely want to hear more on what Grisly has in store for our ears!
– Zack S.

[Listen to Test Me]

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