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[Utah-based] blogger Diana Jones enters the storm. Her entrepreneurial spirit, business-forward work ethics, and unstoppable drive she aggregates behind her efforts and happenings in the world of hers and her beloved blogs are what really differentiates her from the rest.
Whether the monumental content is from her renowned blog – ‘Good Witches Homestead‘ or her secondary (and bustling) publication ‘Crooked Bear Creek Organic Herbs, the information, education, and rewarding articles are always hot and fresh off the press.


> [Interview with Diana Jones] <

First, I would like to thank you for this opportunity to share my world of blogging. This means a great deal to me. Thank you.’
– Diana Jones

Q1: For our unknowing readers, and your soon-to-be fans, what can you tell us about your blog ‘Crooked Bear Creek + Good Witches Homestead’?

Crooked Bear Creek Organic Herbs; I have been an herbalist for many years, I grew up in an environment were herb gardening was a mainstay, and creating wonderful salves and balms were a must many years ago before the word “sustainable” became ever so popular now.

I created Crooked Bear Creek Organic Herbs back in 2014 for the knowledge of herbs, how to grow herbs, use herbals correctly, and for the fact that herbal knowledge was not being introduced correctly. Lack of clear and concise information about herbs,  essential oils that are derived from plant matter was sorely lacking. I had the knowledge to share with people from all across the world, and many walks of life. So, Crooked Bear Creek Organic Herbs was formed in 2014. {With a few name changes added or deleted in the course of the years}. Named after a river that runs through the area of Wyoming and Utah, Crooked Bear Creek Organic Herbs has become a huge website with many followers across the world looking for clear, and concise knowledge of herbs, growing herbs, and how to utilize the herbs for homegrown tincture, salve, balms, etc.

Good Witches Homestead; Is all about plant allies, crystals, how to grow plants for our gardens either during a full moon {at night} or during the day. My love of crystals and stones for our well being shines through with many posts about utilizing these beauties from the earth. 

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I grew up in a home where Practical Magic and the Addams Family intertwined. From my Mother to Aunts and Grandmother’s a constant source of magic abound from tarot cards, growing special gardens full of herbs, vegetables to collecting crystals and stones, and yes including bones.

Good Witches Homestead is also a cultivation of one of my favorite plants, baneful herbs. In other words, poisonous plants. 

Good Witches Homestead has been recognized as one of the top “witchy blogs” for quite a while and has a following of millions across the globe.

Q2: Take us back to the beginning. Where did the inspiration, desire, and want to derive from to create a blog?

My gosh, I had to think about this one. Long ago and far away in a distant galaxy! Just kidding. Back in 2012, I became interested in the aspect of blogging via reading other blogs written by extremely astute folks who had much to say about many topics. But, I was intimidated by the fear of the lack of “how do I do this?” to “people won’t want to read this or what I have to say.”

So, one morning as I was sitting drinking coffee staring out the kitchen window I decided to go for it. I had much to say about a very special plant that not too many people knew exactly what this plant was capable of {which happened to be a chamomile plant.} I started out with the Blogger platform for a few years. Turned out to be quite a bit of fun, developed a few followers. I became addicted to blogging. Fell in love with it actually. And history was made when I discovered WordPress. Then the creative juices flowed with the creation of Crooked Bear Creek Organic Herbs and Good Witches Homestead.

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Q3: What can we expect from you in 2021? Let your fanbase know what to look forward to!

I am going into the business aspect of both websites. Folks will be seeing more Adulterants Bulletins put out on Crooked Bear Creek Organic Herbs. Due to the Covid Pandemic, too many companies are taking advantage of the herbal community putting forth misinformation so they can make a buck. This in turn puts a huge lack of trust in herbals used correctly for any conditions. I have reliable companies I work with that will be focused on during the coming months so that readers will know who they can trust as far as herbal supplements, obtaining seeds that are not hybridized, and growing plants in small spaces, as on balconies, small plots of land.

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Q4: In what ways can you give tips + tricks to help an aspiring blogger to be in your shoes?

Do your research on any topic. Follow blogs that have a crystal clear approach to the blogging sphere. Grammar is crucial. You have to have a love for blogging or it’s just not going to work out if you’re stumped on what to write about, acquire “brain fog” the second you look at your empty canvas to write on and or dread the aspect of having to come up with something to write about. You should have a love for what you do and want to share with the world. Before you begin, have a plan outlined, your topics well researched, photos accumulated. Most importantly, make damn sure what you write about comes from you yourself, heart and soul. Do not copyright anyone. Ask permission if you can use pieces or parts of their website/blog to add to yours. Copyright infringement is seriously frowned upon in the blogging world. Carries sometimes federal offenses that could get you to shut down forever and wind up in court.

Mostly, have fun with blogging. It’s a great platform to get your stories out there!

Q5: Who do you see putting in the hard work, sweat, and blood these days? Give them a healthy shout out! 

Many, so many bloggers deserve a healthy shout out. But, to begin with, my shout out is to Garth Jones. He has come a long way in a few short months. His tenacity for the EDM world is staggering, and his love for this has bloomed into the fabulous website he runs for aspiring musicians, promoters, and all included in the EDM world. His knowledge about the EDM is foremost and he definitely knows how to allow the world to see the artists shine. Monsoon Season is a huge plus within the EDM blogging world and I for one are greatly enlightened and exponentially grateful for his expertise. Besides this, I love reading about the artists, their music, and the wonderful things coming up for them. Huge shout out Garth Jones and Monsoon Season!!

My other shout out is to one of the foremost herbalists I have had the greatest pleasure knowing. She comes from one of the most accredited herbal schools in the country, but her knowledge of herbs, creating herbals has her as my “go-to herbalist.” Anne Malcore has an Etsy shop where I go to buy my herbal tinctures, salves, and balms. Being a property manager for an apt complex I am not afforded the luxury to create the wonderful herbals I need. So, I go-to Anne’s shop for what I need. Completely trusted by myself and other herbalists, Anne’s Backyard Herbalist is the place to go.

Thank you Garth Jones for allowing my space here. Monsoon Season is my favorite!

[photos provided by Diana Jones]


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