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Away From You – Precision

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[North Carolina-based] dubstep dynamic Bryce Polascik best known under the locked moniker as Precision returns into the storm bearing another track so immensely volatile and gargantuan in sound, it takes us by wind and wonder. This effortless display of skill and merit is titled ‘Away From You‘, although it hits every corner closest to home. Exceeding in jaw-dropping and flooring production, we grasp on the very creative direction of Precision and go ten-toes-deep.

Precision assuredly gives away a whole cinematic experience with ‘Away From You‘. The track, in its totality, ranges from soft to really engaging and dark drop. From front to back, I can really dive in and submerge myself in the beautiful and heavy aspects. Each having its own value and dynamic, the song comes to life as it plays out. The beginning, being the easier-set with vocals and laced with catchy sounds. Once it drops, all bets are off. It goes the f**k in!

Every track Precision sets his mind to results in a very bass-forward and heavy track. We are continuously impressed and floored by his work. 2021 just added some serious heat to the ongoing outpour of music. ‘Away From You‘ is a fitting and fearsome contender so smash that play, repost, and share button to show your support. We will be.

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