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[Colorado-based] bass music rising talent L.Ü.C. crushes the game with his newest and fiery release ‘Mental‘. A surefire metal/rock infused track for the masses to headbang and mosh to. From front to back this wall-of-death is at full force. Taking over and full control. Let’s get ‘Mental‘.

The gargantuan original ‘Mental‘ glares at you right away with huge amounts of metal and powerful guitar riffs and synths to lace it up heavily. Sweat drips from the ceiling, beers are flying, and the lights dim. This revved-up, beatdown, and cohesive endproduct of a metal concert, and dubstep show is bone-crushing and is getting starting. Get to the front, find the rail, and brace for imminent impact.

To its core, this track is a banger. We can imagine L.Ü.C. having an incredible start to his 2021 with ‘Mental‘. Not to mention the details he drops below in his official interview on new music and more that you can anticipate from him. Enjoy.

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Interview: L.Ü.C.

Q1: Can you give us the breakdown of who, what, when, and where the L.Ü.C. project came to be? We are all curious as to where this all began.

A1: L.Ü.C. (Luke) began in 2015 when I went to my first music festival, Electric Forest. For almost my whole life sports was my world. I played football, baseball, wrestling, and tennis and went to college to specifically play tennis. One thing that always got me pumped up/focused for games or matches was music. Music had always been apart of my life. 2 years into playing tennis at St. Ambrose University (a small liberal arts college in Iowa where I am from) I started hanging out with some kids who were always listening to electronic music. I’m talking old ZEDD and all the EDM classics. Slowly my ear took a liking to the music I had never experienced before. These friends took me to my first music festival, Electric Forest, in 2015 and that is where I saw that music and sports were very similar. At Electric Forest watching Skrillex drop “Jump Around” by House of Pain for close to  75,000 people that energy could only be matched by a huge sporting event. Ultimately that moment is when I made the decision to pursue music, that’s when LÜC was born. After I made that decision I needed to come up with a name for myself. I was told it needed to represent ME and mean something to others as well.

LÜC stands for Lights of Urban Chaos, and I will elaborate,

LIGHTS: my full name is Lucas which can be interpreted in a lot of different ways, but always coming back to BRIGHT or SHINING  light.
URBAN: I was born in Davenport, Iowa. Not much of a city but I always found myself attracted to the little bit of urbanism that our city has, but now I live in Denver and don’t plan to leave! So I am as urban as it gets.
My life has been chaotic, to say the least, but with that chaos comes unexplainable experiences.

Honestly, I’ve been told that my name is one of the things holding me back, or that I don’t have a theme or a gimmick to go with it,  that it doesn’t mean anything to people who don’t know who I am and that’s fine, maybe this article can help shed some LIGHT on who I am as a person, and musician.

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Q2: 2020 just wrapped up. In what ways can you recall that rambunctious year was advantageous to you?

A2: Oof, I don’t know if any part of this year was ‘advantageous’ for anyone, but for me this year gave me my TIME back.  3 months before 2020 I went through a  rough breakup/ lost my job and then started teaching tennis lessons as a professional instructor. Which meant 80 hour work weeks and basically no time/motivation/energy to produce music. Literally would go to work come home and sleep and then go back to work. And that’s fine for some people, but not for me. I had been working my ass off and been asking for a break so I could have time for my music and the universe gave it to me, in a very strange way. I was very lucky in any case.

Q3: The track, ‘Mental’ at hand that just dropped. Let’s dive in, shall we?

a) What was the foundational inspiration behind the aforementioned track?
A3a: Slipknot, Kayzo, Maruda, Excision, Sullivan King were my main inspirations. I wanted to create a track that bridges metal and dubstep in a way people might not have experienced yet
b) How long did this project take to wrap up, in totality; from start to finish?
A3b: To create the song a few weeks, to get the artwork/deal with all the other extras and finally release it: 6 months.
What creative processes did you call upon to manifest this creation?
– A3c:
Honestly I create a lot at once.
I set a date and go into my studio and don’t come out until I have 8-12 solid projects that I think are done. I spend maybe 30 to 48 hours there at a time. I’ll even sleep there sometimes.
 I spend a lot of my time at home writing my ideas down so that when I go into the studio I’m not wasting it.

Q4: What can we expect from you in 2021?

A4: I expect to be playing out of state shows! Including being support for a BIG HOMIES TOUR! SHH! and of course new music! At least a new original tune from me every month! Also expect a variety of genres in my tunes! I’ve been working on a lot of DNB and future genres!

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Q5: Who do you see killing it these days? Give them a healthy L.Ü.C. shout out!

A5: Oof, I hate these because someone always gets left out. I’ll try not to miss anyone but someone will yell at me: IF YOU DON’T KNOW I SUGGEST YOU LOOK THEM UP!

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