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[Denver-based] Shank Aaron has been dominating the Colorado bass music scene for some time now, consistently delivering bone-crushing sets across the state, and ultimatley making a solified name for himself as an upper-echelon local act on any top 5 list.

As far back as I can remember, I recall seeing Shank Aaron on numerous lineups, events, and after-hour parties. Whether the promoter, time of year, or whatever variable to change in the slightest, you could guarantee a searing performance each time. Big crowds, small get-togethers, and seriously from intimate to gnarly.

Constantly crushing his game, elevating the standard, and keeping a fervent smile on his crowds’ faces, we knew it was imminent to pick his brain and get the coveted two cents from the man himself.

Please welcome Shank Aaron to the storm!

Q1. Take us into the world of Shank Aaron. Where did this all come to be? Where does the timeline begin? 

A1. My timeline is a very long one. When I was a young child I was super into dinosaurs. I feel like dubstep was the natural progression from there. 

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Q2. For the unknowing readers and your soon-to-be fans, what kind of music do you play? Where do this liking and choice derive from?

A2. I play mostly Dubstep, I try to sprinkle some DnB (drum and bass) now and then, DnB was what got me into electronic music originally. I’m drawn mostly to more aggressive tearout sounding stuff but like to make some wobbles here and there as well. 

Q3. 2020 just ended, and to some that can be a blessing. How can you recall or recollect 2020 being a benefit and or used as an advantage?

A3. The only real advantage is that I have had a significant amount of free time to write music. But for me personally, that hasn’t really made it easier to make music. I work better when I’m under some sort of pressure or time constraint. I do my best work when like I only have a couple of hours before work or late at night when everyone is asleep. The only real benefit I see is the total isolation from the dubstep scene, in general, gives me a fresh slate to start songs on, whereas in the past I would be subconsciously influenced by sounds and songs I would hear at shows. I think the isolation has made my sounds more original. 

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Q4. Walk us through your track, ‘Welcome Dub‘, will you? Where and how did you find the inspiration to muster that track in a trying time as we are in?

A4. I think the last two years I have been going down a more aggressive road with my music. The world and environment tend to influence my mood when I’m writing, and at that time I was living in a shitty part of downtown Denver, surrounded by crime, drug addicts wandering around my apt building fighting all the time, I think that that hectic environment probably played a part in that.

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 Q5. If you could headline any festival/event in the world, where is it and who are you bringing with you?

A5. I have always wanted to play/go to Lost Lands so I guess I would say that. Or something in Australia. I hear they go hard out there and I want to go hang out with a kangaroo really bad. As far as people, I would bring my two favorite people in the world Dirt Monkey, and Wooli

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Q6. What is a fun fact you want your fans to know about you?

A6. I am undefeated in breath-holding contests, and I just got a tattoo of a T-Rex drinking a Capri Sun while surfing. 

Q7. Are there any plans or announcements we can anticipate for your upcoming 2021 year? What is on the agenda?

A7. Got some releases I’m getting finalized right now but also just launched my own podcast where I tell crazy stories from shows and touring that few people have ever gotten to hear before so people should def subscribe to that, it’s pretty wild. 

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photo by: Snapholix

Q8. Who do you see killing it lately? Give them a healthy Shank Aaron shoutout!

A8. Some dudes who really been impressing me just recently have been Jaenga, Hairitage, High Zombie, Mport. 

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