Figmvnt – Philadelphia’s New Bass Music Contender [Interview]

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Being able to have a friendship with this artist has allowed me to know more and be properly updated on writing a genuine article on an artist that I strongly believe deserves recognition! A Philly rooted artist and he goes by Figmvnt, (pronounced Figment, but replacing the e with a v). This artist is someone people should be paying attention to! Now, I may not know when he started, but after connecting with him and hearing the songs that he has been releasing, I know for a fact this isn’t a figment of my imagination!

Also known as Chris May, this individual works very hard in sound design as well as how he performs as a DJ! He has released a good variety of music, has an amazing song called Space Force, that is released through Ay Yo Trip! a Finland-based record label! He has released an awesome drum and bass original called Missing Love, and he has also written some hard hitting dubstep slappers, like Crashing Down, and Money! He also was picked up by the Riddim Ranch, and they work together in helping the growth of an individual that deserves nothing but that! Figmvnt has been making music for 3 years now, and seeing the marvelous work he has created you only want to see more! 

Figmvnt, is one of those producers that you can expect to put his emotions into his sound design! When you learn the story of what leads to the creation of his songs it only pulls you in with further interest! His songs will stand out more to the listener, and have a bigger impact! Figmvnt is only getting warmed up with releases. The last I spoke with him, he was putting together an EP which I believe will establish a deeper and stronger foothold within the EDM community!

This is an artist that you can have a genuine connection with, aside from being able to connect with his awesomely written music! He has been a strong supporter with other artists on the rise, this individual is not based in his city, and has traveled around, promoters and other people, always wanting him to come back around! I only expect to hear his name more often the more this individual puts out more content! He is hard working, charismatic, and genuine, with a personality that allows you to feel comfortable and capable of befriending him and having an easy going conversation. Even if you are an individual that deals with a lot of social anxiety, which I happen to experience a lot!

Figmvnt delivers his music with strategic layering techniques, beautiful sounds that all compensate one another,(and) his build up writing is phenomenal! If I was in a mosh pit during his set, you can expect me to be catapulted across the room at a ferocious velocity! Hopping around to an awesome drum and bass song and just vibing with the way he mixes along with how he mashes up his songs and others! This man deserves to be talked about for the hard work he has put in, the 3 years of production has allowed him to dive deeper with the community and he is a force to be trifled with! 


Figmvnt Interview:

I was able to get some of Figmvnt’s time with an interview and had some questions that I knew he would want to share with people! 

Q1: So what made you decide that Figmvnt was gonna be the name you go by?
When did Figmvnt start? Did you have names before that?

A1: I chose Figmvnt because my sister’s father’s last name was Figel, he was a big inspiration to me with music and played a lot of instruments, and got me involved in music. 

Q2: For people asking in regards to mentally preparing themselves for a Figmvnt set, what should they expect to hear?

A2: Heavy stuff and nothing but. 

Q3: Who do you look up to for sound design inspiration?

A4: Phaseone

Q4: With 2020 in the past, what are you aiming for in 2021? Do you consider 2020 a year that halted your growth? What plans or announcements do you have ready for 2021 that you are able to share?

A4: 2020 wasn’t as bad, I was able to work on a bunch of music and stay focused. I can’t say too much, but just wait and see. 

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Q5: Can you walk us through your track Love Lost? Where did the inspiration come from to put out such a heavy track?

A5: I was going through a lot of different emotions, especially with the lockdown and pandemic, being stuck in my head with all that emotion, it made me want to produce something heavy. When I work on a track involving emotions, I dump my emotions in the track, whether happy or sad, or losing my mind, I dumped it into music! 

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Q6: What are some fun facts about Figmvnt that you want people to know?

A6: I don’t prepare my sets, it’s all free hand! I can also recite every line from Bad Boys 1 and 2. 

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Q7: Who are some artists that you see on the rise that you believe deserve recognition?

A7: Moppy, he’s been putting in work with music. Akronym, definitely should look out for him, he’s been on a heavy grind as well! Freaky and Levels are also killing it! Zoobstool, Kris Cayden, and Tron3x, as well as all homies at Riddim Ranch.

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