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Nova Lotus Music announces their first of its kind of live-streamed virtual music festival, Nova Vita Live. Bearing a wide-ranged lineup of dance music talent, this event will feature sounds from a multitude of genres like mid-tempo, electro, dark experimental bass, and much more. Taking off on January 9th, of 2021, Nova Vita Live will be a curation of larger household music names in addition to their Nova Lotus residents and beyond to cover all spectrums of their vision.

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Jan 9, 2021 / 1:00pm-1:00am PT (Pacific Time)


Q1. Welcome! We are elated to have you in our thundercloud! What can you tell us about the origin story behind Kerys? Our readers and your soon-to-be fans would love to know how it all came to be!

A1: Thank you for having me! It’s always a pleasure to talk about my project. I started producing music at the end of 2015. A guy at my school had created a music production club where he taught stuff about it every week. Then when I felt ready to start sharing my song with the rest of the world, I started thinking about this project. The name itself comes from a local legend, the city of Ys, which was submerged. I then built up the underwater theme around it.

Q2. Before we jump too far into music. In what ways can you tell us has 2020 been beneficial and or advantageous to you? What positivity can you recall?

A2: 2020 has been a really busy year on a virtual level and I’m thankful for that. I met so many good friends on the internet. I’ve also been going to therapy intensively throughout the year and it’s the best thing that has ever happened to me. I got to work with great people (Nova Lotus, GRL GANG) and be on online festival lineups with friends despite IRL shows not happening. Also with the world slowing down with the pandemic, it made me rethink my priorities and re-adjust them, which was very beneficial as well.

Q3. Nova Vita is closer than it is far! We are all excited to witness the embarking of this journey! How are you preparing for, and what can we expect from you for this stream?

A3: I’m so thrilled for Nova Vita, every single name on the lineup has me excited for it, whether it’s friends, inspirations, or new discoveries. My main goal for the preparation was to polish some IDs to make them playable. You can expect a 100% Kerys set, with all originals and flips made by myself. It’s half released half unreleased so lookout for new and old music!

Q4. Your utmost recent EP, Inner Depths was mind-blowing. What has changed from then, until now? What are you working on now?

A4: Thank you for the kind words on Inner Depths, it means a lot. It hasn’t really changed anything, except maybe giving me more confidence in my music project. I’m currently working on another EP, a bit longer (4 tracks). I’m also working on more non-musical aspects like world-building because I want Kerys to be more than a musical project.

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Q5. How do you plan to set yourself apart from others in 2021 in terms of individuality and uniqueness, or, will the cards lay by themselves?

A5: I guess I’ll let the cards lay by themselves? I don’t know, I’m a very bad planner and I have difficulties seeing myself in the future. My mindset is just to keep working on things I like, try to connect with people that inspire me to be better, and be kind to myself. The rest will eventually come, sooner or later.

Q6: Who do you see putting in the work daily? Give them a shout out!

A6: This is by far the most difficult question, I have so many people I want to give a shout out to Ian for empowering upcoming artists the best they can with the Nova Lotus fam, Jeanie and her collective GRL GANG, my dad and my sister, my IRL [in real life] friends and the pee pee poo poo gang (they’ll recognize themselves).


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