Maces – Fluctuations: The Arcadium Project Release [EP Write-Up]

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[Germany-based] rising artist Maces teams up with collective and label, The Arcadium Project to distribute the EP Fluctuations to the masses, with full force. Consisting of three tracks, Fluctuations, Got It, and Talk About It, This EP resonates loudly and unmistakably as a jetted-up, no-stopping, hard-hitting DnB mainstay. Let’s get our dancing shoes on, this one is going to be an energetic one!

As for The Arcadium Project, this collective is a launching pad for the up and coming. With the inevitable rise of the underground as of late, we are seeing more and more altruistic ventures to nudge and progress artists into necessary areas to succeed. We, of course, love to see this. The Arcadium Project is a prime and textbook example of this movement. Their magnificent roster includes the very likes of Maces, Adame, rSUN, jistix, and many more.

[Fluctuations 3:23]

Covering the spectrum of what you’d want under the Christmas tree as a track for the holidays. Encapsulating the breadth of bass, ‘Fluctuation’ draws it in as the flagship title track for the self-titled extended play. Bursting away with energetic totality, from us to you: it’s a sealed deal with ‘Fluctuations‘. Diving right in, your attention has succumbed to Maces‘ contemporary and unique take on the re-ascending genre, Drum N’ Bass. That peaks the interests as is, but Maces adds insult to injury with this right away. This is a journey.

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[Got It 3:38]

Captivating, enthralling, and gripping. Easy three words that come to mind when you revel in this track. ‘Got It’ is equipped with the elements, structure, and appeal for any and all Drum N’ Bass fans across the board. Popping off, this track has a creeping suspicion you can feel. The energy gets you off the ground and into the next level of dance. Boom!

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[Talk About It 3:21]

From the front to the back, when you do it like this, you can only assume great results comes from it. ‘Talk About It‘ will leave the listener doing just that, talking about it to the next person. What a track. Let’s talk about it. Right away, Maces takes it off the ground, with catchy soft-spoken melodies and sampling. The essence carries through with a small, minimal, but apparent energy. Not to mention, the easy-listening, this track exhumes. Easy repeat, and replay! Well done.

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In their own words:
“At The Arcadium Project we strive for quality and integrity. We are highlighting artists for their cultural influence, personal expression and the potential they hold, Similar to Ancient Greek myths. We want to give our artist the tools to captivate populations, shape landscapes, and stand on a platform to realize their larger than life potential.” – The Arcadium Project

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