Hriday Talur – Dubai’s Melodic Dubstep Teenaged Prodigy. [Interview]

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Please welcome Hriday Talur to the storm.

Q1: Welcome to our downpour! We are stoked to get soaked with you Hriday Talur! What can you tell us about your origin story? All the way up to our name choice, Hriday Talur!

A1: It all started when I was born. Fast forward to 14 years later. I was just browsing YouTube and chilling, when I came across an interesting video. 
It was some song remixed with google translate voice (side note, that remix was fire, I wish I could remember which track it was.) I think that’s what got me into music production. I was always a huge fan of EDM, and music in general. So, I did some quick research on YouTube, and saw that most of the artists that I loved were using FL studio to create their music. So, I downloaded FL studio on my parent’s laptop and started playing with it.
At first, I had NO idea whatsoever about what I was doing. I kept tinkering and experimenting with loops and synths, and basically anything I came across on the software. And then slowly, as I kept practising, little by little, I started making sense of it. Fast forward another 6 months of “trying to make music”, I had a few songs ready. 
I started getting positive feedback from my family and friends. In fact, both my parents have my songs set as their ringtones. Thus encouraged, I decided to share my music with everyone and released a few tracks on Spotify and other streaming platforms. 
My music started getting positive feedback from people I had never met; it is such an awesome feeling. So, I kept practising. I focussed on getting better and better and releasing better and better music for everyone to enjoy. That’s when I started getting really excited about music production… 
And you know, when you’re really into something and really excited about it, you try to get the people around you into it as well… I went through that phase 2. I tried to get my friend Sanjoe excited about music production too, but I guess not everyone is as excited about staring at plugins and effects and waveforms on a computer monitor as I am.
By the way, I mentioned Sanjoe, because I lost a bet with him and had to mention him. Otherwise this slight detour was completely unnecessary.
And well, about my name, it’s the name I was given at birth. ‘Hriday’ means ‘Heart’ in Sanskrit, an ancient language from India.  My parents chose this name and honestly, I didn’t have any say in it.

Q2: For the unknowing readers and soon-to-be fans, what is your primary genre preference when playing music? Where does this liking come from?

A2:  I freaking love Melodic Dubstep/Bass. I love this genre cuz it’s got that feel to it, what’s the right word… Emotions… so many of them! Anyways, producing it is a lotta fun cuz there aren’t many rules when you’re producing melodic dubstep. For example, consider my track “Waves” (my first track which was reviewed by you guys at Monsoon Season, thanks for that by the way)
With Waves, I basically wanted to mix tropical stuff with melodic dubstep. I just added those catchy melodies that tropical stuff has, and made the drop a bit dancier, and then done! I think it came out alright.  Another example of why I love this genre is “Beyond Horizons”. 
I basically wanted to create something more “Melodic” than Dubstep. So I just put all focus on the melody and, I have no idea how, it came out to be something I liked!
It’s a super flexible genre that’s easy to mix with other genres and producing it is a blast!

Q3: What do you have in store for 2021 for your fans? Be sure to let them know what is going down in the world yours!

A3: Well, I’m working on an EP which I plan to release in 2021. Got some dope Melodic Dubstep tracks (other than the stuff on the EP, might make 2 EP’s I don’t know) and just learning on how to make better stuff with each passing day.
I am still a very young and small artist, so really appreciate each and every stream, follow, playlist, feature that I get. I just like to create music that both me and people everywhere can love and enjoy.

Q4: Walk us through your creative process when you made your first couple tracks. What went into these mentally and creatively?

A4: I’ll outline my entire creative process. Basically, I get a random idea in the shower (melody, chords, anything really) and then I sit in front of FL and then spend the next 3 or 4 hours trying to recreate it. And 2/10 times I succeed. For my first few tracks, I basically just wanted to complete them cuz by the time I had finished my first track, I had 99 unfinished ones. I only finish/release the songs that I really like, cuz if I ain’t happy with something I’m working on, I know it won’t be any good. That’s why I have got so many unfinished tracks, maybe all artists do.
My test is this – if a song doesn’t make me happy, how will it make others happy?
Since you asked about the process creatively and mentally, let’s see.

Creatively: Just experimenting with new stuff (I’m still new to music production, so everything’s new stuff for me to experiment with)
Mentally: Not much, never use logic when I create music.

Q5: Who do you see killing it these days? Be sure to give them a shout-out below.

A5: I really love Trivecta and Nurko. Love the way Trivecta and Nurko blend Piano and all the melodic elements with hard dubstep.
Definitely Kaiya, his music’s freakin awesome. He manages to blend all freaking genres with orchestra and it all sounds so amazing!
Also Paper Skies, the way he works with vocals and all the little effects in his music work together so nicely! His music is lit.
I would also like to give a shoutout to Coen Mulder, founder of Chaptered Records, I learned a lot of stuff from him. He gives me a lot of valuable feedback and his label releases are fire (definitely check them out)

Thank you, Hriday Talur!

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