Cyber Goth Dance Party – Western Colorado’s ‘Adapt Or Die’ Duo [Interview]

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Adapt or Die” A Monsoon Season interview with Cyber Goth Dance Party.

I, (Travis Bisbee) had the pleasure to talk with Skylar King (1/2 of C.G.D.P.) and ask some questions to find out a little bit about what makes “Cyber Goth Dance Party” such an impressive and noteworthy brand in the ever shifting underground of the EDM scene.

Q1: Thanks for taking the time out of you schedule to talk with me, Devin! I’m really excited about this interview. Cyber Goth Dance Party hails from my own personal hometown of Grand Junction, Colorado, so I’m super excited to have this conversation! To start things off, I HAVE to ask…. Where did you come up with this amazing branding?! I love the name! Western, CO represent!

Skylar- We struggled to figure out the perfect name for a while. We wanted something that would give a good indicator of our vibe. We were brainstorming and remembered this video of some goth kids dancing under a bridge to some Hardstyle music. “That’s the perfect mental image of how we want people to feel at our shows… to be as they are without judgment. Just dancing under a bridge to some electronic music.” It was a perfect fit so we settled on the name of the title of that video. We chose “Cyber Goth Dance Party” and haven’t looked back since that moment.

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Q2: I remember that video! You just created a very nostalgic moment for me with that little flashback. Now that I’ve heard a little more about that origin story it all makes perfect sense in my mind. You captured the essence of that video and turned it into an entirely new thing while still staying true to that underground counterculture vibe. What are some of your other musical influences that have provided an inspiration to yall?

Skyler– Other musical acts that we draw inspirational power from would be: Oolacile, Black Tiger Sex Machine, Attack Attack, Bring Me The Horizon, Mikey the Magician, Lil Uzi, Joji, The Gorillaz, Young Thug, Lil Peep, Tash Sultana, Joey Bada$$ and Amy Winehouse.

Q3: That’s quite a diverse group to draw inspiration from! No wonder Cyber Goth Dance Party has such a unique angle at interpreting the muse! If you had a mission statement for C.G.D.P. what would you want the world to know or feel?

Skyler- We don’t really have much to say outside of our music. There are younger kids growing up in communities that don’t really support endeavours outside the normal status quo. We want those kids to know that it’s possible to do what you love and make a living as long as you have the passion and work ethic to make it happen. If we can connect on an emotional level with just one person to encourage them to feel powerful, happy or like they are not the only weirdo out here, then we did our job! We just want to make music and if someone can get a little reprieve from their day to day struggles while listening to it and just let out a little steam to make their day a little better, then we consider that success.

Q4: It’s all about community and sharing that love! It sounds like C.G.D.P. is keeping the P.L.U.R.R. flame well lit! If you could identify the source, what would you say the most important part of your art and what made you fall in love with Electronic Dance Music?

Skyler– All that matters in our eyes is that we get to wake up every day and make music with each other. The rest of all the nonsense is for the birds. We just make music and we love doing it honestly. We both come from quite different musical backgrounds. Devin is classically trained in guitar and has been making music for upwards of 15 years with a strong influence in metal. I (Skyler) come from a Hip/hop and Rap background. Started off by DJing for various rap and hip hop acts. Devin has always had an affinity for electronic music having started up his EDM career at quite the young age. We just admire the nuance of the genre and how creative you can be with time signatures and generally be a little disregarding of traditional music theory. Our motto has always been “As long as it sounds good.” Music for us is about expression and release. The relationship between EDM and the pattern of tension/release has always been a source of inspiration. We get to make some crazy noises to make people dance and have fun/genuine feeling inside themselves while they listen to it. What is there to not to love about that?

Q5: It sounds to me like yall have a really solid understanding of where you come from and what you aim to achieve. Is there a specific story that Cyber Goth Dance Party is trying to share with the universe?

Skyler– We both come from a background of severe drug addiction and depression. We found our reprieve through creation. We focus on the act of taking something bad and making it something beautiful. The alchemical process of squaring a rectangle or the alchemic metaphor of transmutation of lead into gold. Things may be bad but you have all the power to change it in the palms of your hands. Your life can be whatever you make it with a little bit of effort and love. So I guess we are just trying to tell the story of finding yourself through the process of creation.

Q6: I love the idea of dissolving something down into its base parts and removing the impurities from the equation. Re-synthesizing the remaining parts into a new perfected whole. That really hits home for me. I think it’s amazing that y’all have incorporated an esoteric side of things into the purpose behind Cyber Goth Dance Party. So, outside of music; what would you say some of your biggest influences would be?

Skyler- Anime, Manga, Sci-fi, Video Games and Horror Films… general nerd shit. Be on the lookout for an upcoming Blade Runner inspired synthwave soundscape. We find a little bit of inspiration everywhere we look. We are on the internet a lot.

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Q7: Pop culture has so many facets to it these days and I feel like the futuristic ideas of the past are quickly becoming reality. As things continue to move into the future, what aspect of EDM has Cyber Goth Dance Party most excited?

Skyler- We are fascinated by the change in the market and overall collective music industry. Without getting too specific about it, we are witnessing an unprecedented and heavily unfortunate amount of change in the music industry and the world as a whole. The challenge of adapting to this new landscape is both exciting and terrifying. We are very much interested into leaning heavy into the “Cyber” aspect of live music events. With the growing popularity of VR (Virtual Reality) and live stream music events, EDM seems to have one of the best foundations of fans to make that kind of thing work and be fun. “Adapt or die” is how this world operates and we think that the EDM genre has massive potential to adapt to this strange and foreign landscape we find ourselves in. We look forward to providing safe and entertaining interactive experiences for all our fans/friends and family. Hopefully we can change the local music scene here for the better and level up beyond the typical “white sheet and a projector” type of gig and really give the audience an experience they won’t forget.

Travis: Thank you again for your time! It feels like Cyber Goth Dance Party is set and ready for a big breakout in 2021. It was a pleasure to have this conversation!

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Written by: Travis Bisbee

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