TR!P HVZVRD – True Religion [EP Write-Up]

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‘True Religion’

[Casper-based] rising talent, TR!P HVZVRD unleashes a limelight monster of an EP today, ‘True Religion‘. This three-piece extended play claims title of ‘Dark Side‘, ‘True Religion‘, and ‘Hypnosis’. Each track brimming with a unique display of skill, diversity in production, and cohesively bringing a supplemental nod to the next track in their respective orders. It’s an all-expansive journey into the mind of TR!P HVZVRD.

[Dark Side] holds vestige as the introductory track, as the calamitous soundscapes of gloom. Initially, the track grabs your attention with the airy windchimes into the chopped sample usages and boom… Letting off huge tidal-waves of bass for the first drop in this original. Utilizing every opportunity to draw in the listener, this track is a portal into the next two tracks.

[True Religion] being the subsequent wonky track to the EP. Throbbing with wobbles and unprecedented speed in each tidbit of bass, each turn is as good, if not better than the last. The otherworldly samples and voices administered in this release is just what you want in the 2021 year’s catalog of bass-forward originals.

[Hypnosis] leaves the mind utterly gasping for more. Such a finale to this mesmerizing EP, the switch-up from deep-bass onto bass-house is a refreshing contrast to the already stacked three-piece. Just as the energy dissipates and we are dilating back to the hypnotic and brainwashing new sounds of TR!P HVZVRD.

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