PLEX – Raleigh’s Newest Bass-Music Threat To The System [Interview]

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Please welcome, PLEX to the storm!

Q1: Thanks for joining us, we are elated to finally have you! Can you give us the origin story of the name and idea behind the PLEX name?

A1: Thank you for the opportunity to take your questions! PLEX is short for Complex or Perplexed. Before producing I strictly DJ’d. The idea for the name came from the type of sets I play. I tend to drastically change BPMs to create an energy or mood change throughout my sets. One example could be the jump from Headbanging 150 BPM Dubstep to more hypnotic 100 BPM Mid Tempo. Shock Value is a great tool to keep the audience engaged.

Q2: Can you tell us a little about your background? Where are you from?

A2: I’m originally from Long Island, NY; but went to college in PA. Then, in a desperate attempt to get away from the cold, I moved south to Raleigh, NC.

Q3: Can you tell us how you got your start in the music industry and what lead you into the dance music world and what ultimately kept you?

A3: I was super into playing sports growing up, but a nasty string of injuries and concussions limited my ability to compete. Even though I had never done anything musically in the past; DJing looked like an adrenaline rush, so I gave it a shot. I had always been huge into rave culture and attending music festivals, but becoming a DJ/Producer didn’t seem feasible to me. One day I stumbled into the local Raleigh scene by attending a weekly Subrosa event. Seeing all the locals throwing down now gave me a plan/vision to achieve my goal of playing for a crowd. As you can see, I fell in love instantly.    

What impact do you wish to have on the world, whether it’s music or being a role model for others?

A4: Honestly, just spreading positivity in big or small ways. Anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that I act as a team hype man and always bring a positive attitude. You never really know who needs that type of interaction on a given day. Everyone has the power to be the light in a person’s life or to help someone find their own light.

Q5: If someone is dealing with writers-block or just cannot find the mental groove to get into to learn & write music. Do you have any advice for them?

A5: Seek inspiration. This can be watching another artist play a set, searching for your next vocal sample, a sound design session, listening to another genre of music, or sometimes the best way is to just step away from the music for a bit. Exposing yourself to new things is the key to finding inspiration.

Q6: Are there any causes that you personally advocate for? Can you speak on this topic for us?

A6: Equality is huge to me. I believe everyone should have an equal opportunity to be happy and find success. 

Q7: What is life like in the shoes of PLEX? Walk us through a Day-In-The-Life of you!

A7: Music doesn’t quite pay the bills yet so I spend my mornings working as a District Manager. When I get home I spend time with my dog Finn and then usually go right into working on music. If you don’t find me with my face in Ableton, I can usually be found out with friends or busting someone up online in Madden. 

Q8: Are there any exciting changes coming in 2021 for PLEX?

A8: Amongst all the chaos in 2020; I committed to bettering myself as a musician. I hit a huge roadblock in my production skills going into the year, but slowly I have chipped away at that obstacle. I am finally becoming confident in the professional quality of my music; so expect a ton of releases in 2021. You can also expect to see my name on larger events and more often. Along with the help of BassQueen Management, PLEX will make huge strides in the upcoming year. 

Q9: How do you find time to manage and balance your own music production as well as other surrounding projects?

It’s really all about practicing good time management and being flexible. I’m terrible at having a set schedule, but when I commit to a task I am laser focused. Music stops being fun when you try to force it, so I prepare myself to jump right into music when creativity strikes. 

Q10: What artists inspire you the most to make music? Are there any artists outside the dance realm that also inspire you?

A10: 12th Planet, Stoned Level, and BadKlaat inspire/influence me the most musically. Their music (in simplest terms) sounds big as hell and has a certain swag/attitude about it. 12th Planet in particular has an amazing stage presence which is something I try to emulate. Seeing artists that love what they do is also very inspiring. Artists like Subtronics and Svdden Death really live out their brand and it’s fun to watch. Lastly I’m thankful to have my mentors in Defyre Society giving me feedback on my tracks and believing in my music. The desire to have something to submit each stream and seeing them celebrate my progress in production is very inspiring.

Q11: Where has been your favorite place to perform or play music?

A11: I have really enjoyed playing in Raleigh and in Myrtle Beach. After a show in Raleigh, I feel really grounded and am reminded of why I started making music. The crowd in Myrtle Beach has always been super hype and engaged. I’ll actually be out there again playing Jingle In The Jungle on Dec 19th. 


Q12: Who or what has been a key player or instrumental in your growth and success?

A12: Being persistent and genuine has really been the key to my success. When I first got started I knew no one in my local EDM scene. I just showed my face every week to every event I found or heard about. That was my way of creating opportunities. Also, especially in this industry, people enjoy being around other genuine people. I began to introduce myself to people in the scene and went out of my way to help out other artists. Made some amazing friends along the way!

Q13: Who do you believe deserves more spotlight and recognition in their music careers? Give them a healthy shout-out!

A13: DJ Au, Subpotent, Neon Tiger, Juwu, Zeni, Say CheeZ, and Konglo are all making moves right now! Check them out and tell them PLEX said hi!

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Interview by: Krystle Skyye

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