AMBIENCE. SLC’s Melodic Bass Artist Pulling Heartstrings [Artist Interview]

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Q1. Melodic dubstep. A genre well loved by most recently. Why do you enjoy it so much and are there any other genres you enjoy?

A1. I discovered melodic dubstep during my senior year of high school after going through many phases of music growing up. Other genres were fun and catchy, but it felt like most music I listened to on the radio sounded so soulless and lackluster; it’s hard for me to connect with music that only talks about sex, money and living a lavish fairy tale lifestyle. EDM and melodic dubstep was something special and changed everything for me.
The music felt more emotionally immersive and relatable to me. The way melodic dubstep pulls at the heartstrings and relates to my deepest emotions is why I love it so much.

Q2. How long have you been actively making music?

A2. I started music after I saw Illenium at Decadence 2017. I went into my first DJ session a week later and since then I have constantly put in the work to improve my skills as a potential DJ and live performer. (I was a choir kid in high school, but I haven’t practiced singing since then).

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Q3. You’re a headbanger, for sure. Who is your favorite artist and why?

A3. A funny thing about that, I actually didn’t like headbanger dubstep when I first found it. It actually  scared me because it was such a crazy and wild genre and there was so much going on. Now it’s something I listen to on the daily.
Kill The Noise is definitely one of my favorite dubstep producers. He played at my first rave and that opened the door for my love of rail breaking headbanger dubstep. I also take a lot of inspiration from Kompany, Ubur, Virtual Riot, Sam Lamar, Excision, Wooli, Caster, Kai Wachi, and other artists on Subsidia, Disciple and Kannibalen records.

Q4. Any local inspirations?

A4. My biggest local influences are Thrillogy, Fransis Derelle, Squnto and Kaskade. Thrillogy has been an inspiring friend, mentor, and I admire him greatly.

Q5. What are your top 3 music-goals for the  upcoming year?

A5. I have high hopes for the goals I have set for the coming year. I have a lot of music I am working on and I hope to sign a record deal. I hope I can open for local shows and festivals as well as out of state events (if everything is back to normal post-pandemic). Overall my biggest goal to move on to music and streaming fulltime and not have to worry about working a typical job; I want my passion to be my career.

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Q6. When can we expect something new from you? If not when do you think you’ll start production again?

A6. I am working on an EP that I plan on releasing next year as well as some remixes. My EP will focus mostly on melodic bass as well some other genres I am experimenting with.

Q7. How much time a day do you spend on music? Would you spend more if you could?

A8. Honestly, my creativity and how much time I spend on my work is usually based my state of mind as well as my routine throughout the day trying to keep up with work, friends and family. Though if I had more time I definitely would put most of it into music.

Q8. Why do you make music? What drives you to continue the pursuit of this wonderful adventure?

A8. DJing, writing and producing music has become a major outlet for me to release my emotions and express my deepest thoughts and feelings. I love how I’m able to illustrate my thoughts and emotions in the DAW and I love telling a story in my DJ sets. This is my passion and my outlet to tell people what I feel. After seeing what I have accomplished so far it kinda feels like a calling for me. People come up to me after my DJ sets with tears in their eyes telling me how my set connected with them in a way no one else has; if I can make people cry and feel something as they connect with the music I play then I must be doing something right.

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Q9. Many people in this industry get little to no recognition. Give a shout-out to the people who you think deserve it.

A9. Some artists I want to see succeed are Kane, GUNNR, Hester and Otatop. All their work is amazing and I’m excited to see the great things ahead for these guys.

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