Decipher – Sacrifice: Deathstar Cult Ltd Release [Track Write-Up]

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Decipher – Sacrifice

Wisconsin-based artist, Decipher unleashes his initial sacrificial offering respectively named ‘Sacrifice’ as a Deathstar Cult Ltd. release. The sweat, blood, and tears are just the beginning ingredients to Decipher’s debut original and official label release on Deathstar Cult Ltd.

Initially the track sends off a tropical vibe, very airy, and ready for a vacation vibe. The energy builds intensely as we begin to see the real identity of the beast at-hand. Being taken back by the intensity and overall veracity to the track, it’s damn near breathtaking. Decipher manages to manipulate our minds, leading us into a reality we aren’t ready for. This is a sacrifice!

The second drop is monstrously heavy. Forcing its way inside, shaking our very core. Decipher has blown us away with this debut track, and we are surely awaiting the next fire creation of his. Until then give the bass-music producer some love by visiting his socials and getting in tuned with this crazed musician before he is swooped up by the musical elites of the music industry.

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