Astroreign + Crumbling Cloud + Ntype5 + Shizo + V1C3 + Valkin – CAVVNS [Mega-Collab Write-up]

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CAVVNS‘, appropriately titled as the acronym to all the artists in the mega-collab. The monstrous collaborative effort is solely the product of Astroreign, Crumbling Cloud, Ntype5, Shizo, V1C3, and Valkin all maifesting a maniacal feast of talent, skill, and synergy.

Without skipping a beat this tuned-out team of titan-like producers are all coming together to aggregate and auditory decimation, tenfold. We are completely and utterly blown away at the synergistic and collective brute force this collaboration carries. Bass vibrating and circling your head with each build up and drop administered. Clear some room for this mega masterpiece because each artist goes the f**k in, elevating the track to the upper echelon level.

Be on the lookout for the varied and talented artists in the coming 2021 year. All these powerhouse producers will be shaping up to have a phenomenal career. The underground is surfacing, and in numbers.

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