Last Life. Bass Music Record Label Making Philadelphia The Producers’ Rendezvous Point [Interview]

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Please welcome Last Life to the storm!

Q1: Welcome to our downpour, Last Life! We are incredibly stoked to be talking with y’all. Where did this all begin? Briefly walk us through your origin story!

A1: We’re stoked to have this opportunity ourselves, much love!! So basically Last Life began because I knew a lot of underrated/talented homies from all around the world who could destroy the decks or make massive tunes, I felt like these artists should have had way more exposure than they did. So I started to hit up my homies or random artists I found & would schedule different releases for about two years by myself. Two years later… I figured it was time to step our game up, I started to look for like minded individuals who cared about the underground sound as much as I do and now we have just that.  We’re about 10 members deep and we’re all our own stars forming to create the Last Life constellation(Canada, Netherlands, & US) and by the way they’re way cooler than me and also the true MVPS! Shout-out to the team Fernando Fraancischelli, Patrick Galloway, Peter Barneveld, Felix Pyro, Jules Engel, Kewa Dubs, Colby Allred, Franco Gazzano aka Honcho, & Steve Monastero.

Q2: What genres does the label primarily deal with? Where does this liking derive from?

A2: Primarily riddim/dubstep, We procured this through our love of the genre and the sheer emotion it makes us feel. We understand and love the niche that is riddim and branded off that.

Q3: What sort of tips and tricks can you direct us to the aspiring artist to get a release on any if not, your label?

A3: Be as original in your own way. There’s thousands of people trying to do the same thing as you, stand out. Also good communication, we are probably one of the easiest labels to talk to when someone gets a hold of us. We base our decisions solely on quality and potential of the tunes themselves, not plays/likes.

Q4: What is in store for the rest of the year? What do you anticipate for the unwritten 2021?

A4: Right now we have two tracks and two guest mixes in the safe, one of the mixes will be a new mix series we’re starting, which is going to showcase the DJs that are coming into the game to show the world what they have to offer. 

Q5: Who do you see putting in the work daily? Shout-out who you think is killing it these days!

A5: Literally every single DJ we’ve had live-stream during this quarantine thing. Let’s Start it up with the System Failure lineup which was Casey Dubz, Rampage, Felony, Senri, Motar, Nugg, Smal B, Motus, Vyzul, Stayns, Yunit, & Players Crew.

Then we have System Corruption with RYU, Ecto, Voxd, Tantrum, Dvre Dubs, Kewa, Ivan, Ayonikz, Nando, Mohno, Sora, Bonker, Naut, Renzo, & Kabr.

Lastly System Shutdown on Halloween with Skampa, DEEQTRIP, Senodubz, CURLY, Chimera, Monsters Takeover(Shiverz,Poklypz,Nightmare & Oni,Stinkahbell, & AD), Dizzy III, Pink Shinobi(NOMADZ), Fayte, Lioness, Honcho, DUCK BEATS, HELLBOY.Dubstep, Akirah.
Crews I’d have to give a shoutout to Monsters, NOFUFU, Kaizoku, Sweeties, FDP, Ayakashi, Nomadz, Loaferz .
Label Wise Id say the homies at Surreal Audio, Havoc Records, Pewtrid Records, & Void Audio all kill it. The list goes on forever and that’s what makes what we’re doing so special to us. There’s so much room to showcase all the hidden talent out there, that’s what we’re here for. Shout out to Monsoon Season also!

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