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Q1: Welcome to our storm! For our readers and newly gained soon-to-be fans, who is Beanie God? Briefly walk us through your origin story and decision to choose your name!

A1: I’ve always loved music and EDM and dub step. When I was in Highschool, I used to help a friend of mine DJ, and a few of our friends started calling me, “That Beanie Guy”…because I was always wearing a beanie- then  “Beanie God” – the name stuck. But to be honest, I don’t always wear a beanie when I’m performing because it’s so damn hot. When I first really discovered music, I was in middle school. I loved pop punk, metal and  Skrillex, Kill the Noise, Deadmaus 5– I also love sounds that are tonal and melodic. I feel like I have a specific sound, but I am really all over the place in what has influenced my sound. 

Q2: Being a California resident must have bigger benefits in regard to music. What has been most constructive to you in The Golden State?

A2: California is great in that it has access to lots of venues, especially large outside venues for festivals, (of course not during COVID), I’ve worked at Warped Tour and Audiotistic not as an artist, but behind the scenes. It’s easy to find music and of course go to small clubs and venues in San Francisco

Q3: Break down your recent Carl Weezer remix of Svdden Death’s Utah. What led you to create that track, and ultimately what creative processes did you call upon for this comedic construction?

A3: Some friends were talking about how we LOVED Jimmy Neutron when we were kids. Just shooting the shit and talking about Carl Weezer…the ultimate side kick and nerd. It just kind of evolved from there. I was listing to a lot of Sudden Death at that moment and I really made it for my friends as meme. We all thought it funny. It’s my voice in the song as Carl. Being a music nerd, Sadly, I think I can relate more to Carl then Jimmy

Q4: What can your fans expect for the rest of 2020? What do you anticipate for 2021?

A4: COVID has been both a blessing and a curse. I’m not performing, but I’ve had a lot of time to work on my music and sharpen my sound as an artist. I’ve really enjoyed Virtual Base events and I’ve made a lot of online connections which has been great, so I’ve been enjoying collaborating.  I just released Mecha on Fight Club Collective and I’m really proud of that. I’m hoping 2021 gives me as much inspiration and I look forward to producing more music. 

Q5: Who do you see killing it in your area and beyond? Give them a shout-out!

A5: Right now, I’m loving; Soulez, Midlex, Strider, Sisto, Caezer, Qbik, and Bassfreak. But I will always have Aweminus, i7, jubs and  Automhate in my playlist – so much inspiration with these guys. 

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