NF – If You Want Love (Ambience Remix) [Track Write-Up]

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SLC-based melodic artist Ambience graciously debuts his remix of NF‘s powerful track ‘If You Want Love‘ and it’s a a heartfelt seasonal track for everyone this cold entryway into winter. Allow this track to incinerate any bad feelings of the year, whilst replacing them with warm, inviting, and ultimately cozy experiences.

Ambience adds his maestro-musician effects to the riveting track, setting the original ablaze with intensity and simple notes of refreshing soundscapes. Captivating the inner-core of emotion and letting it sit forever on your bones. We love the rendition here at hand as it reminds us of so many small things to cherish and hold close. Caress someone, listen to this track, share heat… with contact.

Ambience hasn’t any intention of slowing this burn. Sit tight as unravel the many layers of what is yet to come in the realms and dimensions of Ambience. Enjoy this official Monsoon Season release as we know we already do!

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