Say Word – Gone Tomorrow: Hybrid Trap Release [Track Write-Up]

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Today we have here, ‘Gone Tomorrow‘, a Hybrid Trap release by Denver, Colorado‘s tune-tycoon Say Word. A monumentally designed and prolifically hyped-up and contemporary spin on trap music, we can anticipate another ‘say what?’ type track from Say Word with ‘Gone Tomorrow’.

Hybrid Trap being the conduit to this maniacally mastered original, hosting it to their hundreds of thousands of listeners, assuredly letting the world know if you don’t listen today, the next opportunity might be ‘Gone Tomorrow’. Feast on the soundscapes and atmospheric environment that Say Word paints in this track.

This Hybrid Trap track is the definition of a bass-lovers dream! Starting out simple and clean before jumping into a heavy trap-music vibe. Say Word does an excellent job laying the groundwork for the sound direction in this song as he includes deep and intense bass sounds before ascending into an absolutely mind blowing bass/trap-drop! The artist’s ability to maintain such real intensity throughout the entire (4 :02) track is quite remarkable and a sure indication of the many incredible things he has to come.

Say Word
‘Gone Tomorrow’
[Hybrid Trap Release



Say Word – Gone Tomorrow

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Written/Edited by: Krystle Skyye + Garth Jones

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